2017 Ketchup: Dodsengel – Interequinox (2017)



Debemur Morti Productions

While producing a great grim atmosphere and being the kind of album that you might expect a place like The Grim Tower to cover, I’ll admit that I find the record about as frightening as the new IT film (which just dropped on Blu/DVD today, by the way) and that doesn’t really work for me. That being said, Dodsengel never came out to make music itentionally frightening, and the clean vocals in “Emerald Earth” seem to cement that. Obviously, there is a strong occult force behind the music and they feel that they should do anything as a band to supplement that. I don’t think these guys are worried about being kvlt anymore, which is a good thing as the new disc gives them some breathing room in which to further experiment and create art rather than schlock. It must not be all that great however, because the kids aren’t shitting all over it like they did with other black metal albums that have released this year. Yes, these black metal kids exist (in the most bitter irony) and they claim to know everything about this scene having grown up with Google. But let me be honest here as Dodsengel sound like black metal in the purest sense, whether that’s taking from Mayhem, Bathory, Darkthrone, Burzum and even King Diamond/Mercyful Fate. The disc sounds admittedly old, but I feel that this is what the band were going for. Interequinox is extremely underappreciated and not as praised as recent efforts from Mgla and Batushka, even though it really should be. Someone ought to give these guys some love because the disc shows that they truly give a shit about the genre and are going out of their way to make something truly unique and not as highly processed as the food I’ll be eating tonight. (RIP stomach)

In any case, I may have broke the five sentence limit on this one, but not seeing enough praise about it kind of breaks my cold black heart, just a little. Sure, the female vocals in “Illusions” might not be your thing, but at least they’re doing something different, while keeping it decidedly grim. In a better world, people would give more of a shit about Dodsengel than they do other black metal acts, like the new Watain for example. Yes, I do realize that Trident Wolf Eclipse just came out and this was released last year, but new isn’t always better. Dodsengel could wipe the floor with Century Media’s new play-pretty and at least the occult influence here doesn’t come from Dungeons and Dragons. Without a doubt, one of my favorite discs of the year. Highly recommended.

(11 Tracks, 56:00)


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