2017 Ketchup: Ecorche – Inferno (2017)




A trip through Dante’s Inferno, this heftily static-laden performance that composes Ecorche’s latest record is definitely more up to your speed if you’re looking for an extremely raw approach. This is their fourth output, fronted by a man by the name of JGW whose Metal Archives picture looks eerily like my own profile picture on Facebook right now. (I found that very strange). In any case, it goes to show you that harmless looking people like to create extremely harmful music (in the very greatest of oddities). Much like some of our discs however, Inferno seems to suffer a bit from it’s level of raw static which makes sections quite difficult to hear. I also want to know how in the hell a guy from a major city in the east coast ended up sounding like he’d walked out of the 1600’s with that kind of thick British accent. The album also features programmed drums, much like our own records (too many similarities here for a proper review, I probably should have skipped it) and several voice clips which I might be mistaking for JGW’s vocals. It’s quite difficult to tell. The album is quite lengthy however and features a great deal of atmosphere and experimental sheen, which gives it an interesting quality. I actually like the portions where raw black metal is not utilized the most and feel that there’s a great atmospheric act to be found in the midst of this. Truly, there’s a skilled artist at the helm here, but maybe its time to trim back the black metal rasps as the static can be a bit overkill for me and takes me out of the wonderful soundscapes that he’s creating.

(7 Tracks, 57:00)


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