2017 Ketchup: Erik Wollo and Bryan Metcalf – Earth Luminous (2016)

Erik Wollo and Bryan Metcalf

Earth Luminous

Projekt Records

Within this expansive hour, the listener will be transported into several worlds through the magic of crystalline synths and tribal instrumentations. Sometimes it can feel like the soundtrack to a nature documentary, but that in itself can be highly marketable. The disc is mostly ethereal, though it does contain one rather less cheery part in “Distant Future.” I suppose that despite the nature of these bright pieces, the two do not seem to feel that are best days are ahead of us. That being said, Earth Luminous makes me feel as I’m torn between two worlds – the beauty of mother nature and the lucidity of the other side.

(8 Tracks, 63:00)


Purchase Here (Bandcamp)



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