2017 Ketchup: Tethra – Like Crows For The Earth (2017)


Like Crows For The Earth

Sliptrick Records

If you’re looking for a great mix of doom and extreme metal, you’ll definitely find something here. Tethra always makes me think of Moonspell if they’d gone another direction and that can be heard quite convincingly in frontman Clode Tethra’s vocal performance. Though they’re compared to My Dying Bride and most likely considered a knock-off on Metal Archives, I’d highly recommend the act just on Tethra’s amazing vocal harmonies along with the stellar guitar melodies and solos that back them. In fact, the very first track on the album, “Transcending Thanatos” really hits hard with later pieces going into the territory of mid-era Rotting Christ. I do feel that there are too many instrumental moments on the album however and these take away from the performance; but at the end of the day, it’s just great doom/death.

(11 Tracks, 50:00)




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