Abhorrent Deformity – Slaughter Monolith (2018)

Abhorrent Deformity

Slaughter Monolith

Comatose Records

Abhorrent Deformity definitely took a different approach to death metal with this one, as there are some very modern core elements to be had here. Believe it or not, the record actually contains a hefty amount of breakdowns and what can almost be construed as hardcore gut punch vocals. Though not a bad approach and certainly rather passionate, I feel that the band are trying very hard to appeal to both the brutal death metal crowd and people who dig bands like Oceano. Not that Oceano were ever bad, but this is clearly littered with every kind of trendy gimmick that tech-death and deathcore heads have masturbated over since the mid to late two-thousands. It is very difficult for me to consider this death metal. I mean, I guess it is – and while I appreciate the amount of energy in the vocals once again, it just seems to leap right over my age bracket apparently. I guess they can hand me the “aging metalhead” card after this one. The guitar solos are pretty decent on it, the sound is quite clear and it doesn’t have the raw edge that Aborted Fetus did. The band also tries a couple of obscurities, like the creepy riff patterns on “The 2016 Esoteric Model” but I keep thinking that I might not be the intended audience for this one. So if you didn’t dig the Aborted Fetus disc I covered yesterday, than maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for here. I can say that the disc is inventive, but it sounds like a whole of nothing in retrospect. Even though there are some rather intriguing riff-lines, I find that the deathcore approach to vocals here just kind of rubs me wrong. Passionate, but a bit overbearing and maybe a little too much “bro” for me. Like, I feel that I need to be lifting at the gym (which really, I should be doing that anyway with my scrawny ass) in order to appreciate this album fully. There needs to be a forty-five pound bar with weights attached to it in order for me to get this one. If you are on Athlean-X however and somehow reading this review while benching three or four-hundred pounds like Charles Atlas, then maybe you’ll find something in this at the link below.

(12 Tracks, 30:00)


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