Abjection Ritual – Soul Of Ruin, Body Of Filth (2018)

Abjection Ritual

Soul Of Ruin, Body Of Filth

Malignant Records

Their second release for Malignant Records, this album actually feels more like metal than anything I’ve heard from the label to date. It actually features distorted guitars and drums on a couple of songs too, so I feel like I’m reviewing a metal album this around. “Blood Mother” is actually reason enough to put them in the metal archives, sounding like a mix of Godflesh and Neurosis at this point even despite the death/industrial elements. I don’t think that heavy metal fans will care for the noise break though, where some sound clips are utilized and completely change the feel of the song. But then you have “Lamentations” and “Deathbed Conversion” which are completely within the most disturbing realms of industrial noise music and will discount them from being added into the archives. I don’t think that they’re really concerned with being accepted into the Metal Archives though, because they’re only half-metal to begin with.

It’s a bit weird when you hear something like “Ruin” which feels like sludgy black metal, then you have the discomforting noise of “Carnassial Passage” which fits perfect for the realms of horror. Closer “Old Sins” is their best effort however, a real monument that seeks to combine extreme metal and death/industrial together in a way that could create a new underground subgenre. Using the voice changer with a harsh vocal has just the kind of effect that I’d expect it to as well, so that helps the piece to come off even more sadistic and deranged – just as I’d want it. Towards the end of the album, it even begins to sound a little like Hanatarash and I could be no more pleased than to have a Hanatarash influence on an album that has already combined several like ingredients together in a way that comes off near-perfect.

It seems to me that most bands don’t realize how well metal and death/industrial/noise music go together, but it’s a good thing that these Marylanders realize it well enough. Especially well enough to have actually gotten the formula right. Problem is, when you try to promote this stuff to the kids (and I do often try to promote Malignant Records in metal groups, which are mostly overrun with teenagers these days) they often just don’t get it. Some of the most horrifying music that I’ve ever heard can be found on Malignant, and I mean that in a very good way. The sound of everything disturbing about the human nature has been captured on this label and not enough people are listening to it. There’s not enough horror fans out there listening to actual horror music. If you like depraved, disturbing, frightening and all-around demented things in society, then you should gravitate towards these kinds of sounds.

Abjection Ritual are just one of many great acts that appear on this label, which I might as well consider the underground of the underground, the “to metal for metal.” But I’m also afraid that with the age of social justice culture and the censorship of several elements of metal’s arguably most extreme genre – black metal; that these same people would try to get their hands on industrial acts as well, because it’s just too revolting for them, I suppose. Perhaps in that case, it is better that Malignant Records stay underground a bit more, at least until the next generation comes along.

Ranting aside, definitely check out this album at the link below; as it’s one of the best mixtures of metal and industrial in the most discomforting sense that I’ve heard this year.

(9 Tracks, 41:00)


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