Abominablood – Abomination Continues (2018)


Abomination Continues EP

Cyclopean Eye Productions

Argentina’s Abominablood mix ritualism, cavernous death metal, ominous tufts of atmosphere and Slayer-esque thrash together to make something that I’d consider a bit unexpected, and worth checking out. “Pentagram Of The Seventh Dimension” comes off barreling, yet observes slight moments of atmospheric doom where it is able to encapsulate fierce vocal outings. At times, frontman Warpig Vominous Abominator sounds like he’s channeling demonic entities from far beyond the void and I’d prefer nothing better to that vastly inhuman feel. Though the real treat comes in when the non-metallic ritual “The Influence Of Kali Ma’s Sacrament” comes into play in a rather creepy manner that actually feels like it belongs with the rest of the material here. Usually these kinds of instrumental outings take away from the performance, but the mist and various instrumentation utilized within this piece really seem to fit for me. That’s rare, Abominablood should be proud.

When we get to “Beast From Another World” Warpig actually rolls from a growl to a direct chant, which in turn changes the whole atmosphere of the music. I’m not sure if the world is quite ready for something like this yet, and no doubt it is a hidden gem out there in a sea of bands that all sound the same. It can be argued that perhaps Warpig focuses a bit too much on pounding the kit, and L really seems to go out of his way to create those speedy thrash solos (some of which are quite hard to hear) which can sound a bit repetitive after a while. However, the outro “Knell and Bathed In The Blood Of Earthly Karmas” continues the non-metallic soundscape unleashed earlier in the disc and convinces me that Abominablood wants to be so much more than just another death metal band. The cavernous sound and blatant ritualism achieved on this release might just see them along that way. Give it a listen over at the link.

(8 Tracks, 29:00)


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