Aborted Fetus – The Ancient Spirits Of Decay (2018)

Aborted Fetus

The Ancient Spirits Of Decay

Comatose Records

Here we have Russia’s Aborted Fetus with yet another slab of death and this one actually has some structure that goes beyond the normal blast and gurgle. Why, I was actually a bit excited to hear strong grooves and a solo right at the very start, which is not something you get with a lot of these kinds of bands. As we continue, we see that the guys are dedicated to a classic death metal experience here, rather than just pure brutal death metal. That’s a good thing, as Comatose could use more death metal bands in addition to its roster of blast and gurgle. That isn’t to say that Aborted Fetus doesn’t blast, they just don’t feel the need to bury the guitar in blasts to the point where as a listener I can hear nothing other than the drums and vocals. So it’s definitely more of a Dying Fetus, Deicide or Cannibal Corpse style sound, rather than technicality all over the place. This is the kind of thing I’d like to hear live, because there’s just so much to like. Even if the guitar solos don’t quite seem to be perfected yet (there’s a lot of rawness in areas) I still think that the band have enough within the killer grooves and death growls to make their point known. Aborted Fetus are far from frantic here, with vocals raised to the front and the rest of the act thrown into the back, but if you blast it as loud as you’re going to then I’m sure that you won’t have a problem with what’s been offered here. I don’t want to say that the record is full-on groove, but that really does seem to be the rule of law aside from a few moments of speed within the occasional drum blasts. That works out fine for me, though as The Ancient Spirits Of Decay turns out to be a pretty fun album in the end that doesn’t forsake song structure for insanity at a thousand beats per minute. Yes, it might be pretty slow to modern listeners, but this is the old style of death metal and you don’t have to have the attention span of a goldfish to get it. As the record goes on, the solo sections get a little better but they’re really not an issue for me and I’m just kind of glad that they’ve decided to add them. The record actually sounds like a tribute to the fathers of this genre and I can’t complain with a sound that seeks to emulate that which this entire style of music was based on. I’m sure there’s a band out there with some complex medical procedure for a moniker that you’d rather be jamming, but this will do for me. The Ancient Spirits Of Decay certainly isn’t an approach that I’ve never heard before, but it comes off like an old hooker who hasn’t quite lost her beauty and is still good at what she does. You’re not going to kick her out of bed anytime soon. These guys are still good at what they do and there are more than enough tracks to illustrate that, whether you get your jollies off with “Nailed To The Cross”, “Rack Of Torment” or my personal favorite “Genital Torture By The Alligator Tongs.” I’m going to have to Google “alligator tongs” now to see what they’re referring to in that one. But maybe it’s those alligator tongs that make this old hooker so good at her job. We’ll never know until we try. Anyway, if The Ancient Spirits Of Decay sounds like something you’d dig, then you can give it a listen at the link below.

(13 Tracks, 48:00)


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