Accept – I’m A Rebel (1980 Remastered Platinum Edition)

If the opening title track on this record doesn’t get your foot tapping and have your fist raised in the air, then you might be dead. This is Accept’s classic sophomore album, showing less progressive touches and more full-on rock elements. It’s also safe to say that the exciting title cut (it’s even on my personal cellphone playlist) is a literal rock and roll anthem, predating “Balls To The Wall” which most people know from them. But what you may not know, is that this title cut was originally written for AC/DC. Next we have an oddly disco inspired rocker called “Save Us” which is actually quite catchy, if you love disco rock – and those same amazing solos from Fischer. Now oddly we have a change of pace here in two beautiful songs sung by bassist Peter Baltes, the first of which is “No Time To Lose” which reminds me a little of The Scorpions or Foreigner and the second “The King” which reminds me a little of Queen. No pun intended. Obviously, a more radio-approach was sought here, with the admitted “I Wanna Be No Hero” being considered a misstep by Udo.

“Thunder and Lightning” feels a bit like Kiss, but you could obviously hear that the band were still discovering themselves a bit on this one. It was definitely more experimental than the previous, which I still feel is a much stronger record. “China Lady” certainly has it’s merits though, showing that these boys could rock and that they could rock hard. Finally we have “Do It” which again seems to tap into that AC/DC vibe. A speedy live performance of the title cut was added, but not entirely necessary. It’s safe to say that I’m A Rebel wasn’t one of Accept’s best recordings, but it is certainly not a bad one either. After all, it was just another step in this great German act’s journey of discovery.

(9 Tracks, 36:00)


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