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Acheron’s latest album, Kult Des Hasses is an exemplary example of how death metal should sound. With track after track of magnificence, it’s certainly a memorable follow-up to the band’s previous album, The Final Conflict: Last Days Of God. The five year wait was certainly worth it, and frontman Vincent Crowley has quite a bit to say about the album, his satanic views and his thoughts on the elite. And yes, metal really is the Devil’s music!

First of all, I’ve got to say that this is one hell of a death metal release. Kult Des Hasses came out of nowhere. The song structures on the disc are incredibly tight, and the fucking solos are magnificent. It doesn’t sound like the majority of death metal releases out there and really sounds like you guys put your heads into it. Tell me a little bit about the album. What was the intent behind the release? And what is the Kult Des Hasses?

VC: Thank you very much for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the album. It has been almost five years since the last Acheron album, The Final Conflict: Last Days of God. We knew that we needed a strong follow-up to that great 2009 release. When I was writing the songs I focused on powerful songs that were also memorable. Then the other guys helped layer them up into the songs they eventually became. Our guitarist Art Taylor really came up with some amazing guitar harmonies and leads for this album. And our special 2nd lead guitarist Ricktor Ravenbruck came in and ripped some leads that went perfect with Art’s stuff. All and all we are very pleased with this record.

What were some records that you had in mind while you were writing for this album? What would you consider to be some of your top favorite albums?

VC: I don’t think of any other bands when I am writing. Influences may come out during the writing process, but not on purpose. I have to put myself in the Acheron mode while writing. As for albums in general that I really like, I would have to say Celtic Frost To Mega Therion, Morbid Angel Blessed are the Sick, Slayer Reign in Blood, Mercyful Fate Don’t Break the Oath and Death Leprosy.

Let’s talk recording. Where did you guys record this and how long did it take? What was the atmosphere in the studio like and did you have any problems? From this beast, it sure doesn’t sound like it.

Acheron - Kult Des HassesVC: We actually recorded at our friend David Johnson’s place called Bad Back Sudios. We tracked all the stuff there. Then we send the completed recording to Unisound in Sweden to be mixed and Mastered by the legend, Dan Swano. The outcome was great for us. It took many weekends and about two months to complete the tracking. Lots of trips to Cleveland, Ohio! It was somewhat stressful, but in the long run everything worked out perfectly.

The lyrics on the album are most notably Satanic with a huge emphasis against Judeo-Christianity. You were once a reverend in the church of Satan. What is the real difference between devil worship and Satanism, or is there a difference at all? How do you view the concept or image of Satan?

VC: Yes, I resigned from the Church Of Satan back in 2000. After many years working with the group I felt that it was going into a direction I didn’t like. I have evolved in many of my views. To me, Satanism is a philosophy and a lifestyle, not a religion. Devil Worshippers are “religious”. They believe Satan is their lord and master and they are submissive to him. In my opinion, Satan is an archetype which stands for self-worship, rebellion and non-conformity. It also symbolized that dark/light force of nature which followers of the Left Hand Path tap into during ritual. An energy which can become one with the neo-Heathen.

Recently, a vocalist in a black metal band was killed, because the killer thought that he wasn’t Satanic enough. Sounds a little silly if you ask me, but what is your take on it? Also, what do you think of the decision to erect a statue of Satan in one of the state capitals?

VC: I think that whole thing was fucking ridiculous! Some brain dead parasite that is no better than some fanatical Christian or Muslim, commits a crime for Satan to bring more souls to Hell? People like that should be fucking shot! And I really wonder if that guy had the guts to look his victim in the eyes before he attacked? I hope people find the guy and torture him like the piece of shit that he is! As for the statue of the Baphomet, I support that 100%! In the USA they say we have the freedom to believe in whatever we want. So they must cater to other ideas besides the Christians.

I’ve got another interesting question. Those who talk of conspiracies, usually mention a secret elite order who worship what they consider to be Lucifer which we all know as the “light bringer” of sorts. What do you think of this whole global banking elite/illuminati ordeal and would you consider them a good thing for humanity, or something detrimental against your ideas and beliefs in Satanism? How do you view this New World Order?

VC: I do believe that there are an elite group of wealthy people who create and manipulate things to stay in control. I do not trust ANY government or banking systems. Personally, I think Christians have put the idea of these people being servants of Lucifer to help unite the frightened. But I don’t think there is some kind of occult conspiracy with them. They are just power hungry humans that want to stay in control. Their mentality is self-serving and is indeed very Satanic in theory. They are only a select few. As for myself and others who may be Satanic, but are of the working class it doesn’t benefit us at all. So ripping them off their thrones would not only do us good, but also all of mankind. I could go on and on about this, but I don’t want to write a novel. (Laughs)

I’ve only read a few accounts of Anton LaVey’s life in a book I happened upon called The Gospel Of Filth. He seemed like a very interesting fellow to meet and no doubt an individual who had his own air of mystery. He was even able to involve Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe into one of his many rituals. So what can you tell me about LaVey from your experiences with him? I am aware that there are things which are kept sacred, so I do not mean to pry too deeply; I am merely just interested in what he was like from your point of view.

VC: I never got a chance to meet him in person. I had been invited to come visit the Black House, but he died before I had a chance to go see him. Anton LaVey was a very big influence and mentor to myself and many others. He introduced people in the mainstream to the new idea of Satanism.

Let’s talk about touring. What are some of the best tours you’ve ever been on and who have you played with on stage? Have you ever run into trouble, like when Nergal (Behemoth) tore apart a Bible onstage in a foreign country? Did you ever have to deal with religious protesters?

VC: ACHERON really never tours a lot. We do select shows and fests and sometime some mini-tours. Our best tours have been with Obituary in Brazil and Dark Funeral in Mexico. I’ve been ripping up Bibles and destroying holy items on stage since I was a teenager, so yes, we have had some run-ins with protesters. But I love it! (Laughs)

How do you regard the sometimes pseudo Satanic nature of heavy metal? You know, bands that are faking these beliefs for the benefit of an image. Do you think that there are too many fake Satanic bands out there, or is that just heavy metal in a nutshell? Do you actually consider metal to be “the devil’s music?”

VC: It doesn’t really bother me, unless the band is claiming to really be Satanic and aren’t. The aesthetics of the Devil are very appealing. And yes, Metal is the Devil’s music!

What do you guys think about the legalization of marijuana here in the United States? Do you guys think it’s a good thing and maybe it’ll spread to other countries? Or do you think it’ll be a detriment to humanity?

VC: Do What Thou Wilt! Legalize it! The only reason law enforcement doesn’t want it to be legal is because they have their hands in that cookie jar!

What is your concept of an afterlife? I know that this is a peculiar question, but I’m curious as if you believe that hell is actually a paradise where freedom and liberation exist, giving one the ability to follow any and all whims. Or do you believe in no afterlife?

VC: I believe my lifeforce energy will transfer to something else, but myself as a person will no longer exist. In the end we are all l just food for the worms. And Hell is on Earth right now! Either you can suffer in it or enjoy it.

What can we expect for the future of Acheron, and what are your current touring plans?

VC: We plan to start doing some shows to support the new album on Listenable Records. We are actually starting to work on new songs for the next album too. We have almost three songs now. So more Acheron music for the future!

Thanks for answering my questions and for an amazing fucking album. When I think of death metal, this is what I’m looking for. Not one track on the disc is wasted, and so much is going on in the record that it’s unreal. Definitely one of the best albums of 2014 for me, if not all time.

Thank you very much, Eric, that means a lot. Thanks for your support. And best of luck to you. Cheers!  |

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  1. Antonio

    Acheron would be great if Vincent Crowley would not sing,he really sucks as a vocalist as Metal Edge magazine reviewed his vocals as ” laughable” the only place he can sing and get respect is in a country where they can’t understand his lyrics or Mexico where they don’t care how bad he sings,He pays for ads that claim acheron is a respected black metal elite band as he probably paid you to kiss his ass here..If he could just not sing and transfer his lifeforce into something productive he would be helping mankind

    • Eric May

      Actually, I wasn’t paid a dime. I legitimately liked the release and consider it one of my favorite death metal discs. It stood out to me, which I suppose some people will never understand about certain records. Each of us has a different taste, and this disc appealed to mine. I wouldn’t consider them as black metal either, this was “death” plain and simple. Metal Edge is dead, by the way. I used to pick them up all the time. Were you the guy that did the Metal Edge review? lol.


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