Release: 1 March 2019

Label: Rise Above Records


Twin Temple will be joining Neckbeard Deathcamp in the 0/10 club. Nowhere on their debut record were the band ever once in danger of crafting a decent piece of doo-wop. Yes, I heard plenty of I-vi-IV-Vs on it, but it was shockingly light on the vocal harmonies, and any attempt at a memorable melody was lost as the vocalist attempted to twist her tongue around the awkwardly written lyrics. The production, faux vintage hackery that the reading material asserts makes it sound old school is just bad. I have heard B and C tier doo-wop releases from the 50s and 60s with better sound quality than this record from 2019.

As for the satanic gimmick, you devout Baptists need not worry. These guys likely aren’t going to be sacrificing your dog or anything of that sort. This is the kind of “Satanism” that comes with a copy of Deafheaven’s “Sunbather,” bad Bernie Sanders memes, and a Prius with a coexist bumper sticker. Might have to watch out for that “pink mass” though. I have no problem with bands pushing a message, however stupid it may be, but it should never come at the expense of making good music. I’m sure this record will go over well with sites like NoiseyMetalSucks, and others. In the mind of this reviewer, however, this should serve as an example of how not to be a political band.



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