Anaal Nathrakh – A New Kind Of Horror (2018)

An extremely short offering here from Anaal Nathrakh, this one didn’t seem to appeal to everyone’s taste. That’s fine though, because the Nu-Metal and groove sensibilities appealed to mind. Even though I’m The Grim Lord, I’m also The Groove Lord and The Synth Lord, so let’s be clear on that. “Obscene As Cancer” reminds me perfectly of the glory days, with the ICS-Vortex inspired clean vocals firmly intact and the rest of the band losing their fucking minds. “The Reek Of Fear” only continues that, with an increased electronic edge. It’s like if Strapping Young Lad were to team up with mid-era Emperor. “Forward!” is one of those many groove influenced cuts that really caught my attention. In fact, this one caught my attention so much that it’s going on my personal playlist. Truly a badass cut that although overused djent, comes off with more spite and venom than Meshuggah have in years. “New Bethelehem/Mass Death Futures” not only comes across with symphonic death metal in the vein of latter SepticFlesh, but it still features the clean vocals and some absolute insanity on the vocals. The harsh vocals are all over the place here and I love it. If the vocalist sounds like he’s got mental problems (and he certainly does come off that way) then I’m all for it. More insane people need to get into metal instead of guns and we might be able to save the genre and stop mass shootings all at the same time. Such insanity is continued on “The Apocalypse Is You!” which only manages to cement this album as truly rambunctious, one of the best listens I’ve had in a while. If you’ve had a shitty day at work, school, or just in general – then A New Kind Of Horror might be just the kind of therapy you need. With “Via Coactus” these guys aren’t just making black metal more extreme in all facets, they’ve also taken time to throw in a scientific lecture or two. “Mother Of Satan” definitely caught my appeal as well, as it is not only catchy, but completely off the rails. I had to jam it twice after the first listen and that’s rare. “The Horrid Strife” might also feature a lot of djent, but they’ve found a way to make it palatable and that’s worth mentioning. Maybe they overdid it a bit as “Are We Fit For Glory? (The War To End Nothing)” feels like overkill, but to catch my ear with a half an hour album is certainly no small feat.

Though A New Kind Of Horror wasn’t everyone’s bag, I certainly dug it and feel that Anaal Nathrakh certainly have made both black metal more uncompromising than it already is and might even be giving mid-era Strapping Young Lad a run for their money with this one. I’m not the biggest fan of djent either, but they’ve done it amazing justice here. The Grim Tower highly recommends Anaal Nathrakh’s A New Kind Of Horror.

(10 Tracks, 32:00)


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