Anime Review: Senran Kagura – Shinovi Master (2018)

Based on the popular series of ecchi fighting games in which characters are tasked with beating each other to a pulp whilst ripping each other’s clothes off, we have Senran Kagura. Folks, I like good ecchi anime like Prison School or Keijo for example; but this ain’t it. Okay, obviously the first few episodes are just plain fan service, like the water gun war where parts of outfits would disappear but the anime actually attempted a really weak plot. I won’t shame them for attempting to make an anime about big busted ninja girls deep, but the whole tournament seemed to revolve around battles where a couple of “super secret ninja arts” were used and shouting declarations of honor were apparent. Almost all of the battles were like this, a bunch of women clashing swords and speaking pretentious statements while in battle. When they weren’t doing that, they were playing with each other’s breasts and making jokes about breasts in general. The Yoma were later introduced which felt like a cross between Pokemon and monster girls, but despite their appearance, these half human monsters could only utter basic monster growls and suchlike, which made them boring. Ultimately, I was bored by this whole thing and would consider it a complete and total waste of money and time. I enjoy a good ecchi, but this seemed like a step back in so many ways. Making boob jokes and then declaring your honor while battling other opponents gets really old rather quickly. I actually tuned out most of it because it just felt like background noise. Though I haven’t played the games, I hope that they aren’t this uninteresting. It’s a pass from me.

(12 Episodes)


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