Announcement: Go Support Blade Devil!

This one is going to be rather short, but I just want to tell everyone that the Indiegogo campaign for Raging Golden Eagle is nearing it’s end. As you can see from the art here, there is a western manga style look with an amazing sense of color.

I say this all the time, but I just cannot get over how damn colorful this book is. The story features a young woman by the name of Ayshara who has made a deal with the devil so that she can get back her sister’s soul. In return, she must undergo a Painkiller-esque crusade of slaughtering any demon she can get her hands on. In the process, she will become more demonic herself. Like Spawn however, her powers are very limited so she must be very careful. There are all sorts of other characters you’ll meet as well, so definitely pick up a copy of the book and support independent comic creators.

Now, I could say that you know… um, some big names in the comic industry are working with Eagle on this, but do I really need to? LOOK AT THAT ART, FOLKS. That’s what professional work looks like. I shouldn’t have to tell you who is working on the book, it speaks for itself.

The people have already spoken loud and clear, with the book reaching a hundred and fifty thousand dollars the last time I checked it. But why stop there? There’s a month to go. We can make this a two-hundred thousand dollar campaign. It’s proof that ComicsGate is far from dead and testament to the simple fact that people want real entertainment, not agendas that preach to them about how horrible of people they are (looking at you, latest run of She-Hulk). So please, tell the mainstream comic industry to fuck rightly off and support something that you know you’re going to enjoy. There are several tiers you can support right now, with stretch goals coming in the future. If you yearn for the days of classic Image and want that independent mentality of comic creators giving the finger to the establishment, then pick up Blade Devil today! Because some of us after all, want real comics.

Support Blade Devil Here:

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