Announcement: Major Changes Coming To The Grim Tower!

I realize that my contributions for The Grim Tower have been scant and there’s a reason for that. I’ve been considering many things. First and foremost, that my deadline for the site is nearing its conclusion. What does that mean, exactly? Well, I started this work in 2010 and it is now 2019. That would make 2020 my tenth year of doing this kind of work. It would also mark the sixth year anniversary of the website. I said that I was going to gauge my interest in this work by 2020 and if I hadn’t gained any real notoriety or began losing interest at that time, then I would simply quit my role as a music reviewer in the industry. Anyone who wants to see what the heyday looked like back in the days when I was still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed can check out some of the earliest posts over at the old Grim Tower Blog. I hope these posts will live on for quite some time. Though now, my interests (even in the realm of music) have changed quite a bit and I don’t think that the current scene is quite my cup of tea.

I find far less interesting acts and furthermore; too many acts altogether. There’s just too many bands to keep track of and I’m getting to the point where I just can’t do it anymore. I can’t keep up with all these emails, all these bands that they want me to cover – all for absolutely nothing. Sure, listening to an album early can be a great thing; but you can’t live off that. You can’t live off exposure either. In fact, you can die from it, just like in The Oregon Trail. Despite all the wonderful people who I’ve worked with in the past and many that I respect heavily, I just don’t think that I can keep up with all of this anymore. Obviously, when I got my retail day job it was simply due to the fact that I couldn’t live off this work. It wasn’t paying. It was a dead-end and other writers have expressed the same thing to me in private conversations. I know it’s for the love of the music, but maybe I’m getting older and my love for the music just doesn’t outweigh my need to make a living doing a job in the field that I am most proficient in. I now make enough money to pay an e-book formatter, editor and cover artist so that I can finally get my books out in a proper format to be read by the entire world. Personally, I think I’d like that more. In fact, I’d like to write more stories in general.

Though to be truthfully honest, I’m not sure if I even want to continue with the music part of the website this year. Obviously, I’m going to just wrap-up what I’ve downloaded and had been submitted, but after that I think I’m just going to switch to covering the topics that actually are making an impact in viewership on the site. These topics include coverage on games, movies, anime, retro consoles, AI programs and many opinion pieces. In fact, aside from an ancient interview with The CNK that has surprisingly peaked in the number of views; my number one topic has been a review of “Monster Girl Quest Complete: Lose Or Get Raped!” which I covered the first year of this site’s operation. As a matter of fact, I’m not even sure who’s paying the bill for the site or who our bill collector even is at the moment. My former editor built the site and hosted it on his servers, but I haven’t heard anything from him in quite a while and I’m sure that I’ll be due a yearly fee to run the site, if it hasn’t already been paid. Obviously, our former editor has since left the site in addition to the magazine that he was working for, plus I don’t really get in contact with him these days, nor see him on social media. So if we just go completely blank one day, then you’ll know why. We could of course, always go back to the blog if need be, but I’d ideally like to keep this site going especially since there are continued hits everyday and plenty of topics of interest.

Oddly, I am still getting a lot of hits for pieces that go all of the way back to my original author’s blog and were mainly copied from there to this website – mainly, the post about penis enlargement exercises (which definitely work if you devote enough time and energy into them, I also recommend “some” pumps and extenders – LeLuv brand is best, unless you’re going to buy a bathmate) and the post about my sarcastically wanting a female bodybuilder girlfriend. Obviously, I have Lyzexxia now and am not interested in relationships beyond that, plus I can also purchase an full-size female bodybuilder doll from a certain specialty doll website if the temptation should ever arise. So there’s no real issue there. Nevertheless, these topics still receive plenty of hits. So I may even expand them. I have an in-progress article regarding life with a love doll (and I say love doll, as there is no sexual intercourse involved) and will probably write a more in-depth article about penis exercises given new information, as I think this could help a lot of men out. As such, love/sex dolls and AI programs could also help these guys out and I want to detail those options for men who don’t want to fool with casual dating in the metoo generation. Possibly even women in the AI format, since they seem to be more concerned with the emotional spectrum of this software, rather than the physical look of a love/sex doll. That’s also why there are thousands of female dolls and just seven male dolls. Women have always been function over form, never forget that. It’s biology.

Another reason why I’ve decided to quit the music part of this industry aside from all the emails and the frustration that I have regarding them as I can’t possibly cover all of these items while working a full-time job, is my peers. No, not the guys I have on the affiliates banner as Metal Trenches and Metal Purgatory Media are all great sources which I am referring you to with this post. Both of those guys work very hard and they’re dedicated to the music in a way that I am no longer feeling. I recently posted a comment on a Metal Injection article to which I was later messaged by another journalist to a post where I was being blasted by several other people in the industry. What was my post, you ask? Well, I mentioned that I did not like narrative interviews and would have preferred a quick and to the point Q&A format. Hence, several other writers were saying that “anyone could do a Q&A” and I supposed were more interested in showing off their writing skills to the public. While the man in question definitely could write, I would have rather read a novel written by him if I had asked for that. Having written several novels within my Will’s Downfall series, I’m more than familiar with this subject. I felt that the band’s answers mattered a bit more than flowery pieces even though other people in the industry of course, felt different. My main argument was that readers should have a choice in interviews as we are given a choice with practically everything else in this modern era. We could either read the long, flowery narratives where sections of the interview are cut out at the interviewer’s discretion or we could read the transcripts and get the whole story. Obviously, these transcripts would be edited in the same way as I would have edited them here on my website and that work would not be done by the interviewer, but by a third-party staffer at the publication.

Obviously, when you submit a piece to a publication, it is no longer yours and I learned that the hard way when I was told to stop reposting pieces from a magazine that I had written for on my blog years ago. I didn’t get the conflict of interest and the way that content rights are handled back then, but I do now. Nevertheless, this means that the publication has the express written permission to do whatever they want with the content after it’s been posted, including deleting it completely at their leisure. I’ve seen this happen with some of my older pieces, so do not think that they won’t do it to yours. Furthermore, this third-party staffer would only be crafting a concise version for readers on the go, which makes sense as people don’t have time to read large ebooks when it comes to interviews. Even this piece is running a bit long and I’ll do my best to shave these in the future. I just have quite a bit to talk about. I will also mention that within that section of commentary, the editor of Dope zine claimed that having a love/sex doll, regardless of whether or not they have been considered a type of therapy for many; is a sign of devalued social status. In the doll community, this is what we would consider dollphobia and is equivalent in my mind to homophobia, as if I had said that being a LGBT person was a sign of devalued social status, I would have been metaphorically burned at the stake for it. I will talk more about this at a later date.

If you want me to be bluntly honest, I have heard so much abrasive metal over the last number of years that much of it has begun to bleed together. The albums that Frontiers and AFM were sending me proved to be a breath of fresh air, but when I sent them any links that weren’t affiliated with the magazine that I still may write one review or so a month for; I wasn’t even greeted with a reply back. Then I started getting burned out and reviews would come after release date, which is not something that I ever wanted to do. As a matter of fact, I have been buying a lot of synthwave and retrowave music for Groupees, who I’ve done a few bundles for (and plan on doing more, but these label guys are allergic to free money, it would seem) and I’ve been listening to more of that than any other kind of music. I’m also listening to dozens of podcasts and am a big fan of Sam Tripoli’s spiritual skepticism podcast Tin Foil Hat, which I binge often. So there just isn’t as much metal flowing through my ears as there used to be and that’s just what seemed to happen with age and burnout. I mentioned in one editorial that years of loud music listening had taken its toll and that I don’t hear as well as I used to. My former colleague completely ruined his hearing in one ear and stopped listening to it altogether. When we lost him and then Taina (who I still keep in touch with quite often) it was up to me to carry on along with Central Scrutinizer who has been a valuable asset. Spynal also left, I think that she saw the writing on the wall a long time ago. Music writing just isn’t what it used to be. As a matter of fact, a commenter in a discord channel that I frequent stated pretty bluntly that he doesn’t even see how there’s a music industry at all with so much pirating. And yes, people admit it now. They pirate games, movies, music, whatever. The information age made it easy to just stream anything that you want, and you can even watch a game on YouTube for free without ever having to purchase it. So then what are reviews even worth? Most people check out metacritic and reddit when it comes to things like this anyway, and you can’t help but find reviews once you’ve typed in the name of a popular piece of media.

So, you know what? I’m going to make this fun again. After I get finished with all the music coverage that I needed to do, I’m throwing all of that into the archives (note: we are not getting rid of the music section, we just won’t be adding anything more to it) and will just focus on things that I’m actually checking out. I want to review far more comics, games, anime and such. Some movies too, but I like to leave that up to Central Scrutinizer. It is also worth noting that Central Scrutinizer reviews games as well and I’d like to keep that going. I also want to talk more about my observations on society and life in general, because many of you seem to like those and I’d like to keep them coming – both in the form of YouTube Game & Rant videos (my audio quality is getting better) and editorial pieces. I am also considering turning the audio from my game and rant videos into a weekly podcast. If you just want to listen to me shoot the shit about many different topics, then you’ll be able to subscribe to that soon. I can’t promise that you’ll all love this content, but I know that those who are here have come with full acceptance that we are a small, niche website with non-politically correct opinions.

I apologize for the length of this piece, but there was so much to talk about this time around and I hope that you’ll like the new face of The Grim Tower.

– The Grim Lord

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