Announcement: We Had A Supa Hacka! And It Wasn’t Daru, Unfortunately.

All Steins;Gate references aside, The Grim Tower was under a series of attacks last year and Central Scrutinizer and I were completely unaware of it. Yes, we had been posting as normal with not a care in the world to what was going on. The most that I saw in our website editor were a slew of business articles that I did not post and were easily deleted. However, the hacker did not stop there. Cleverly, the hacker decided to add in a couple of links to sites that went with my articles and some of Central Scrutinizer’s as well. In other words, if I mentioned porn or sex in one of my articles, links to sites would appear along with new sentences, several of which had nothing to do with my articles and were some kind of weird attempt to undermine me. I suppose this is because of the nature of my articles, which can be upsetting to those without a thick skin.

However, there is one thing that really pissed me off and that’s when I posted an article about my doll and linked The Doll House there, to which the hacker replaced it with I was quite upset by this and believe that Phil would wipe the floor with that site. In fact, I want to shutdown entirely because they’re no match for what Phil has been doing with The Doll House empire.

All ranting aside, such an act makes me want to strangle the guy who was posting these links. It was not a software, because these links were too well placed. However, there were a few moments where the hacker’s cover was blown and the text made no sense. There was also one article about incels that I was very passionate about where sexual references that did not need to be made or even inferred to were added. Those were wiped entirely.

Obviously, the reason for these attacks is simple – it promotes their business and it assures that I get AdSense strikes, which means that my content cannot be monetized. However, the stupid hacker does not realize that we have been doing this without AdSense for several years now and are not monetized in any way. I will open other avenues for that in the future and hopefully you will support me there.

I care so much about this site that I spent the better part of two hours taking these links out of our posts. All except for the Kaleida link, which focuses on a hologram manufacturer that I may devote an entire article to in the future. The hacks also made our site unsafe, so I’ve secured it a bit more and will be transferring PHP in a few days. After that, we will begin to post content again, whether or not certain functions on our editor work. We have been having trouble with that lately and have a lot of articles sitting on the back burner. They’re mostly completed if not post ready. Around that time, I will make an official announcement to what has already been talked about on our social media page. We’re taking things in a new direction and I think we’ll get more exposure and support there.

This was a small targeted attack geared at demonetizing us, at the behest of another website manager. I can say that, because many of the sites were the same. They were likely all on the same network. I emailed the owner of porn-HD just to let him know the situation, but do not expect a reply back. Even so, I want to make it clear that I put a lot of work into this self-managed site and I do not appreciate any added links with unauthorized sites, nor edited text within paragraphs. That being said, we greatly apologize for any inconveniences this has caused.

– The Grim Lord

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