Anvil – Legal At Last (2020)

Anvil came out with a new one this year and I’ve obviously been a fan for quite a while. The album is called Legal At Last which refers to marijuana and not what you might also think. But my God, if you fools are that excited about Billie Eyelash becoming legal, then so be it. Go read some hentai mangas, you damn perverts.

In any case, the record is much along the lines of Anvil’s patented Canadian heavy metal, which shows us that yes – metal was political and has been for a long goddamned time now. These guys actually wrote two songs on weed just to begin the album, which really says a lot. It’s a good thing that the stuff is legal (not in my state, unfortunately) now for them so I hope they enjoy all their weed. I smoked so much of that stuff in my teen years that I don’t even remember them, to be honest. There are other topics here they’ve covered, like loss of privacy (Glass House) which unfortunately is the case. Google knows every path I’ve traveled since I purchased a cellphone and even if I break the device, Google Maps still has that data logged into the cloud. It can even map out if I’ve been to special areas that aren’t on my common daily route.

I also have to talk about “I’m Alive” which is a song about being alive, something we often take for granted. One thing about Anvil I’ve found, is often they’ll write songs with meaningful lyrics, which is one of the things that drew me to metal in the first place. Granted, I’ve always loved heavy music and loud screaming guitars, but it’s good to hear lyrics that you can relate to or will inspire you. There’s plenty of nihilism in the genre, but it’s good to see that a few bands are actually singing about more than that. Aside from that, this record simply blazes with electrifying guitar solos and even welcomes different tempo changes with each song, rather than playing the same note all of the way through which several acts are more than guilty of these days.

While I don’t think that Legal At Last is as memorable as their previous album, I’m hard-pressed to say anything bad about Anvil and I’m sure fans will pick it up. I simply can’t be upset about yet another solid disc from a band that I seem to enjoy with every release. This is not something I can say about far too many other bands these days.




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