Anvil – Pounding The Pavement (2018)


Pounding The Pavement


Anvil are back and as the name implies, they’re pounding the pavement once again. Though just like the band’s previous effort, they’re still rolling strong. “Bitch In The Box” is a great Accept influenced opener, with a little bit more thrash injection to be found in “Ego.” A more structured flow appears in “Doing What I Want” even though the pounding doom with a hint of prog that makes up “Smash Your Face” is much more interesting in my opinion. The album also includes a instrumental shredding session in it’s title track, in addition to a lengthy and somewhat grandiose number in “Nanook Of The North.” As we continue on, we’re hit with more catchy metal numbers like “Black Smoke”, “World Of Tomorrow” and bonus cut “Don’t Tell Me” which all seem to showcase Pounding The Pavement as real competition for the traditional heavy metal scene. I know that people haven’t always gravitated towards Anvil, but with this one, I feel that they have managed to pull something very special and true to form out of their hats. I would definitely recommend this one and am starting to consider Anvil a real heavy metal powerhouse right now. People might have written them off a few years back, but now might be time to take these Canadian metal veterans seriously. Yes, I really mean that. Along with Priest’s Firepower, Anvil’s Pounding The Pavement seems to continue an oncoming trend of killer traditonal heavy metal. Are we ready for it?

(12 Tracks, 45:00)


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