Apatheia – Konstelacja Dziur (2018)


Konstelacja Dziur

Godz Of War Productions

Polish black metallers Apatheia are about to release their raw, rowdy and incredibly atmospheric first album, which should heavily appeal to black metal aficianados and is a definite change from the hipster black metal that we most often get here in the west. The disc is blast heavy, filled to the brim with familiar tremolos and features a scathing vocal approach that should appeal to almost anyone who finds themselves unhappy with the current scene and aesthetics regarding black metal, which has since become a joke in these parts. But this is Poland, and Poland (GOG) just gave me a free game yesterday (Shadow Warrior 2) that I really wanted; so I have a lot of respect for the country in general. They do awesome things and they don’t like DRM.

Apatheia also offer up approaches that seem more atmospheric and dissonant in addition, so it’s not like you’re just getting an album that merely sits on the age-old traditions. Yet it doesn’t sound like Radiohead (cough) Deafheaven (cough) with harsh vocals either and for that, I can be thankful. As the disc continues, I notice that the atmopshere is something that Apatheia are quite fluent in and show off quite a bit throughout the album. Though it is a heavy disc, it is also the kind of album that allows for space in which “Boze Cialo” and closer “Supernova” are given the chance to shine. Like many Polish black metal acts, there’s something definitely special about Apatheia that doesn’t sound completely like regurgitations of it’s Norwegian influences. They are a band greatly interested in instrumentation and they use this instrumentation to craft an atmosphere, which stands on par with some of the best bands in this genre, guaranteed. If you’re looking for black metal as more of a soundscape than a way to release your frustrations on life and the world in general, then you’re going to find it here at the link below. And trust me, this is a disc definitely worth sinking into; though most often when the vocals are not a factor. Not that I don’t appreciate the effort, it’s just that Apatheia seem to do far more when their frontman isn’t on the microphone. And yes, I know that is an odd thing for me to say, but I really enjoy the icy chill unleashed here.

(8 Tracks, 51:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)

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