Arallu – Desert Battles 2018 (2018)


Desert Battles 2018

Transcending Obscurity Records

Originally released in 2009, Arallu’s Desert Battles – Descending To The Sands album made quite a splash for the Jerusalem based blackened death thrashers. So several years later, they’ve decided to revisit the disc with new vocal recordings and a new mix and master; something that I would like to do for a few of our previous albums (but we won’t touch Shadow Of The Mountain, so no worries there). For those of you who haven’t heard it yet, Arallu are a little bit Behemoth, a little bit Melechesh and generally quite intriguing. I specifically enjoy the record for its non-metal, middle-eastern instrumentation, which really make me feel like I am in the desert, exploring that culture and the battles of which are illustrated directly into my ears. A bonus version of “Desert Genii Storm” is included, which is a nice touch for those who purchased the digital version. It also comes with several unreleased tracks from the band’s EP.

I’m quite happy with the performance and find it a solid death/thrash effort, with a noteworthy set of bells and whistles taking place within the middle-eastern instrumentation sections. These probably aren’t so unique today, but for the time they weren’t being used quite often and seem to fit very much here. The disc might feel a bit raw in areas, but that is all part of the atmosphere. You can no longer buy the original version of this album anymore, as it has been sold out – but you can get the digital version of this recording and all of their material at the link below.

(9 Tracks, 46:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)

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