Architect Of Disease – The Eerie Glow Of Darkness (2017)

Architect Of Disease

The Eerie Glow Of Darkness

End Of Time Records

Even though this album was released in 2018, no one was aware of its existence. Not even Batman. In fact, the record was just recently updated on Metal Archives list following a 2018 review by StormIRide, a long time contributor. We’re also around the same age buddy, so you can’t really call yourself an “old metal goat” yet. Thirty is the new twenty and if I believed that bullshit, I’d probably be better off.

Anyway, let’s get to the disc. These Polish dudes sent me one way back when and I remember enjoying it quite a bit for its melodic elements – which is much different from what I’m getting here. By and large, I’d say. There are still touches of melody here, but the disc is far more groove-oriented here, a thing that StormIRide noted. Somehow it’s still classified as black metal, though I can’t see how with all the experimentation laden within. There’s a bit of death, groove and even some prog interlaced within this mist, but it could be slight tremolo instances and the blood-curdling vocal approach that makes this sound what it is. As such, we have a couple of chants here and there too, definitely touching on the Polish occult aspect of black metal. The French seemed to have went theatrical with that, while the Polish actually seem to mimic the ritual nature in a way that feels genuine. Maybe this will come off a bit silly to those who don’t believe in or practice the occult, but it certainly works for this kind of band and their image. I do feel that perhaps the album is a bit too muddy compared to the last one, and it feels a bit monotonous on the vocal approach after a while.

I also have to state that new frontman Martinous just isn’t as good as their previous vocalist, Wilku and his nearly one-dimensional approach can get in the way of some of the riffs. It’s a great thing when Martinous chooses to alter his approach slightly, but the problem is that most of the time I feel that I’m being distracted by his voice more often not and that can really take me out of the performance. It just doesn’t feel cohesive in that sense. I know this is probably a horrible thing to say to any musician who has put a great amount of time into his lines (as we all do) but I think that in this case, the vocals may have just been a tad bit overkill and it often feels one-dimensional in that respect. Guitarist and mastermind Markiz might have assembled a slightly new crew of musicians to resurrect an act that I wasn’t sure that I’d ever hear from again, but this definitely isn’t the same kind of sound that I remember hearing half a decade ago. In fact, Eerie Glow Of Darkness nearly sounds like a completely different kind of band altogether.

I think I would have liked it better if the guitars were raised a bit higher in the mix, even though I definitely understand where the vocals fit on this album and wouldn’t be upset with anyone who dug them. Martinous definitely possesses that kind of goblin-like black metal scowl that most fans of the genre will love, but it might be the slight overuse that has me a bit tuned out. I won’t say that Architect Of Disease aren’t experimenting here as they have before, as they most certainly are; but aside from a notable exception in closer “Chant Of Lord” I feel that I’m being asked to endure a bit more than I can take when it comes to that vocal end. It just doesn’t work for me and again, different people will like different things. Architect Of Disease are still worth a listen nonetheless, even though I’d recommend the previous album a bit more. I could not find a place to purchase either online other than eBay, so any interested parties are in for a hunt.

(8 Tracks, 45:00)




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