Artificial Brain – Labyrinth Constellation (2014)

Artificial Brain - Labyrinth Constellation

“Admittedly, I preferred the band’s demo work to the material offered on the EP, but with the newly released Labyrinth Constellation, their brand of “space death metal” has taken on a new form which remains just as punishing as it ever has been, yet it also contains more melody, variety and an overall sense of experimentation and weirdness. Comparable to acts like Wormed, though not quite as extreme; the band instead utilize several moments of atmosphere, which makes gurgle-filled abrasions like “Absorbing Black Ignition” sound absolutely odd when the same gurgling effort is paired with the progressive melodies encased on tracks like “Frozen Planets” or “Hormone’s Echo.” But isn’t that the same reason that some of us jumped on the Cynic Focus bus all the way back in 1993? Artificial Brain is doing something new, original and unique in the vein of brutal death that hasn’t been done yet; at least to my recollection.

Most notably on this album is Dan Gargiulo of Revocation, who performs a vast majority of the guitar melodies on this record; as well as their gurgling fiend who goes by the almost comical moniker of Will Smith. But this Will Smith is no fresh prince mind you; as he’s been deep in the void of ethereal alien life-forms and horrible lab monstrosities since the days of Biolich back in 2006 and even further back into Liquified Maggots, if someone wishes to truly delve deep into the man’s slimy body of work. But let’s go back to my Cynic reference for just a minute, as I’m most certainly noticing some resemblances in that route, as well as technical death powerhouses likes Quo Vadis and the legendary Atheist. It’s not hard to trace this band back to its very embryonic cells, even though to some this mix of excessively rambunctious death metal and mellowed prog might be a much to stomach...”

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