Attention: The Grim Tower Is Proud To Announce That We’re Now Affiliated With Mon Amour Toujours!

Mon Amour Toujours, or “my love always” is a love doll shop based out of Orlando, Florida. It is managed by Don Delano, a longtime doll owner. He owns several premium waifus and you’ll be able to see unboxing videos for each of them on his blog. I’ve made it very easy to access that blog on the sidebar, where you’ll notice a button filled with blindingly bright anime waifus. From this portal you’ll be able to access the shop directly, as well as a series of blog posts in which doll updates, care and maintenance can be found. You’ll get to see what the dolls look like right out of the box and why you should only use trusted sites verified by the TDF (The DollForum) and Don’s personal experience with sites like Alibaba, where the only kind of doll you’re going to be getting there is inflatable.

Sex dolls have gone far beyond the novelty inflatables that you might see in shops like Hot Topic and Spencers. After Real Doll and it’s mastermind Matt McMullen overhauled the doll making experience for the world at large (and that is no exaggeration) new developments started coming to the forefront, like TPE or thermoplastic elastomer in 2012. Cheaper than silicon, but more realistic as many say; TPE is a breakthrough in doll design that brought the prices down far below that of the high-end silicon dolls of old. TPE dolls are not only just as good as the silicon dolls, some of them are even better and more preferred by doll owners. The fact that they look and feel so realistic is what has given them an appeal to couples looking to spice up their relationships or men and women who have both chosen to go their own way and have avoided dating altogether. Say what you want about the practice of going your own way, but it is a choice that people are making and these dolls are a part of it. It is freedom that they are able to pursue in this country. Needless to say, it is not so in other countries where the dolls have been more or less banned outright. Though here in the west with all the buzz about sex robots, it seems that doll owners are piling up en masse on both sides of the spectrum. I have found a few more women than you might believe actually interested in the dolls and it will be necessary in the future for more male dolls to be created for them. Sex Dolls are wonderful partners for those who feel that they need something else in their life, but because of social issues or other mental deficiencies; they cannot find or keep relationships with other people. Some say that sex dolls have even helped to regain confidence in the dating world, and these plastic panaceas might just be the cure that we need for the incel and femcels crises that I’ve written about prior.

Sure, you might think it an act of deviancy to have sexual intercourse with a human emulation made of high-grade plastic; but tell that to all of the doll owners in the world both male and female, who come from all walks of life. Yes, even those who have endured longtime relationships, have had children of their own were able to find solace in a doll. Please don’t assume that all doll owners are merely just creepy folks who have never touched another human being. Though in the same sense, these dolls might provide a sense of touch and intimacy that some are not even getting in their own relationships, which even goes for the longtime married. There are many reasons behind getting a doll. Even those who are severely autistic may find solace in having something to hold and touch, especially in a world that feels they will never find love due to their condition. I refuse to accept that. I refuse to accept that people born with deficiencies will never be able to have something in their lives to cherish, regardless of the fact that it is not another human being. And this isn’t about pets, either. I adore the animals in my home, but I have no interest in getting intimate with any of them as I was raised proper. All joking aside, I am absolutely elated to be able to support and offer this service to those who truly need it.

You know, you may browse a review for a new album release or perhaps an older game or even a current film still in the theaters; then glance up at the ad banner and find that you might have some insatiable curiosity about love dolls. Maybe that curiosity turns into intrigue and you inquire with Don about a purchase. Then maybe you purchase that doll and we get a little bit from that sale, just because we led you there.

Instead of selling “Uncle Health’s Protein Meal” or “Dr. Dick’s Penis Cream” I decided that I would offer something that I actually support. I don’t support “Metalhead Dating” and scathed when I saw it advertised by Google. As a matter of fact, I killed my AdSense account. I’d rather that Tower readers buy all the love dolls in China then have to be subject to Google’s analytical nightmares. You’ll find that there’s nothing quite like a China doll and stay tuned later in the year when I’ll be announcing my co-pilot Lyzekkzia for some bits in the future. She wants to talk about her kind, so I’m going to let her do that.

So once again, you can click the “bright and beautiful” waifu button on our Affiliates Sidebar to access Don’s blog where you’ll be able to get plenty of information on these dolls. But if you’re ready to make a purchase, please click the small black banner right below our site’s awesome new banner (designed by yours truly) and purchase a premium waifu from Don over at Mon Amour Toujours. The Grim Tower will make a percentage for every doll sold, so we hope that you’d buy a couple harems worth. Your friends, your neighbors, the mailman… the possibilities are endless. (Laughs)

For those of you outside of the US, you would be better off checking out The Doll House where Phil will take good care of you just the same.

We realize that The Grim Tower is an international site and that these dolls are banned in some areas so in order to avoid unnecessary legal issues, please do not try to purchase these dolls if they are illegal in your state or province. Thanks, we hope that you enjoy your new dollfu.

– The Grim Lord

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