Autopsy – Skull Grinder EP (2016)

Holy shit, new Autopsy. But this isn’t a new full-length by any means, it just simply seems to be some songs that they were going to put on the new record and decided not to. What’s very funny about this, is that there are actually seven cuts on the disc, some of them being almost five and six minutes long. So either Autopsy have written a hell of a lot of songs in the past year or so, or these are cuts from an album that they decided to scrap and just release as an EP. Or they need money. Or something. But whatever the reason for this disc, it’s certainly not the band’s take on Now That’s What I Call Music. As a matter of fact, death metal fans will be quite pleased to know that nothing within this recording is far beyond the realms of the genre and that Autopsy still fucking sounds like Autopsy. There’s still a little bit of a death/punk vibe to the whole thing, but I’d expect nothing less. After all, these guys came from the days when punk and death and thrash were mixed together and it didn’t have to have a special little title. We just called it fucking death metal, and that’s what was important. As far as the performance, I’m being literally assaulted with guitar solos and that familiar garbage mouth vocal approach that I could tell from anywhere. There’s a lot of death metal bands out there, but there’s only one fucking Autopsy. Seriously folks, listen to all the goddamn solos in the title cut. More please, I’d like another helping. Because that’s what metal sounds like. It’s why we pick up records like this instead of the new Kanye West or Coldplay. Which are both shit bands, in my opinion. Coldplay will put me to sleep, Kanye trips over his own ego too much, and these guys humbly just beat the living crap out of you. Someone needs to send both those bands a copy of this EP. Knowing Kanye though, he’d probably just sample it and consider it genius. But I’d certainly like to see the look on those limey British bastards in Coldplay when someone begins to play the vinyl of Skull Grinder in their studio. You can figure they’re having tea time, when one of them comments, “What on earth is the god awful racket?” Then it just gets louder, as tea cups shatter and the drink scolds their fingers. But that’s just the kind of carnage that one can expect from death metal. You know, it doesn’t really matter what I say about this disc, because Autopsy fans know what to expect. Maybe we have a few more atmospheres in play here like “Sanity Bleeds” and the instrumental “Return To Dead” but I honestly haven’t heard anything on Skull Grinder that doesn’t sound like death metal, or that doesn’t embody the spirit of death metal music, which means that you’re getting an EP that is actually worth buying. I never liked the ideas of EP’s or (extended plays) but in this case, you’re getting one hell of a tasty appetizer. If you’re an Autopsy fan at all, please go pick this one up. It’s definitely one of the band’s finest moments, as it offers a great variety of death metal that doesn’t run into boredom or get too full of itself. Well, maybe it does that – but we’d expect nothing less than grim grime and gore from these legends. If you can’t get into this one, then perhaps you’d like to listen to another genre of metal. Or the new Kanye album.

(7 Tracks, 28:00)


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