Autumn Tears – The Origin Of Sleep (2018)

Autumn Tears

The Origin Of Sleep

Cleopatra/Dark Symphonies

Covering something completely different from the norm, I have here a sort of symphonic orchestral folk act by the name of Autumn Tears. This is also their first recording after a decade of
complete silence. “Chasing The Void” sounds like something out of a film, with an briskly epic atmosphere fronted by powerful female vocal chants and striking vocal lines. Her vocals are doubly powerful in the haunting, yet mystical “The Ghost Beside Me” which features additional flute and woodwind instrumentation. We have a lengthy instrumental in “Breathing Beneath The Soil” which begins with piano, but later rolls completely into Lord Of The Rings territory. I think that the word “mystical” might be an understatement here. “Shaping A Fragile Utopia” is a bit more sorrowed though, in which the violins play as strong a role as the vocal front. The song later takes a rather frightening turn, which interests me greatly and leads into some theatrics. Though it is short-lived in favor of a return to its dreary beginning. Throughout the piece, we still hear pieces of what comes across as a rather devastating atmosphere (along with some creepy gothic organs as well, but they are seldom used in the piece) but throws that away in favor of melancholy despair. The last one we have here is “The Origin Of Sleep” which can be described as a melancholy piece that feels like a twisted lullaby. I mean, obviously the vocal touch here is quite soothing, but the music in which such a vocal approach takes place is quite morose. It’s very hard for me to find any happiness here, even if the ending of the album feels slightly uplifting. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, be sure to click the link below.

(5 Tracks, 25:07)


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