Barishi – Barishi (NN Promo 2014)


“Barishi really have something to offer with this self-titled debut, and I think it’s going to be something that makes fans of everything from Dream Theater to the Dillinger Escape Plan to Enslaved happy, and that’s a big load. But really, these guys seem to excel at everything. The album opens up with “Sky Burial” and a barrage of proggy melodies and tasteful saxophone which loads right into the math metal nature of “Holy Mountain.” Then the band jumps right into Norwegian frost with the raspy scowls of “The Rider,” which still manage to keep the prog and technicality intact. Already I’ve heard three different sounds from the same band, which to me says something about their talent. The next song is an almost romantic instrumental piece called “Exhibiche” which like everything else; makes you go back and question whether or not you’re still listening to the same band. The progressive guitar riffing on this one is so amazing, that you’d have to hear it to believe it. I almost thought Exivious jumped in for a second…”

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