Big Brave – Au De La (2015)

Big Brave are one of those special groups that I have a hard time placing. The music here feels like a ritualistic style of drone and doom that just took me by surprise from the very beginning. The front woman here seems to be the most unusual element, taking on an odd approach to the vocals which will work to either confuse or delight you (even though there is the possibility of both occurring.) The entire album definitely seems to have a droney, chanty vibe to it and if you’re looking for something of that nature, Au De La will give you just that. Sometimes it even feels mechanical, like the vocals are coming from that of a woman in the wild lands, who’s in the middle of a ceremony while the ebb and flow of thick industrialism thunders in the distance. Big Brave aren’t an act for everyone and rest assured that they will elicit some laughter from a few folks out there, who might scratch their heads as they wonder just what in the hell they’re listening to. But you at least need to be mindful of the band’s raw energy, which can be felt throughout the entirety of the listen. Even if you don’t agree with the kind of music they’ve made or find it rather humorous, it’s very potent in that effect and I feel that there’s definitely a market for it. From listening to this one, I have a feeling that the band would be the kind of Whole Foods Market quality vegans that fill their homes with the smell of patchouli oil. Even if that’s the case, I’m sure that fans of Dead Can Dance, Reah’s Obsession and perhaps Qntal would be into this slightly more rock approach to what seems like nature based music. Big Brave aren’t for everyone, but at least they’re different, and they do dazzle with atmospheres in the vein of the formers that I’ve mentioned. If you’re curious, do give it a chance. But don’t expect hard-hitting metal, because that’s just not the kind of act they are. There’s just something a little more organic about these guys.

(5 Tracks, 47:00)


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