Black Tape For A Blue Girl – Bike Shop EP (Unmastered Mix) (2015)

This is the unmastered version of The EP, which made it’s three-thousand dollar goal and will be released on vinyl. The record sounds very different from the material presented on 10 Neurotics, but that was quite a while ago and I’d expect the sound to change a bit. The record feels a bit like a mix of The Cure and Dashboard Confessional perhaps, and really seems to brood in the manner that one might expect for a subject matter that seems mostly about breaking up. It’s quite similar to Voltaire’s Boo Hoo record, except without the humor. The guitar melodies are quite sorrowful, as the entire record evokes a sort of depressive nature with light keyboard atmospheres and a heavily distraught sounding vocal approach. It is a very personal EP, sounding maybe a bit different than the kind of material I’d expect from the band, but I feel that there will be some who also feel a bit down and will relate a little better to this one then I myself can. Once again, it’s rather dreary and might elicit a tear or two from the listener. Having heard the early mixes from the band’s new 2016 release, I can say that I’m glad that Sam was able to get these hard feelings out of him and come back to the palette fresh. It’s not really my thing as far as these guys are concerned, but that might be due to the fact that it is the most mature and human approach I’ve ever heard from the act.

(4 Tracks, 12:00)

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