Bleak Bill’s Reviews: Antropofago – Aera Dementiae (2015)

The French death metal band Antropofago is set to release Aera Dementiae four years after their debut full-length, Beyond Phobia.  They are in fact quite an impressive technical death metal band.  As with most technical death metal bands, the songs are composed in such a way that every instrument is showcased and expressed clearly. The guitars are played with lightning speed, and are actually pretty catchy. The vocals are not anything special, and almost comical at some points, but they get the point across. And the drums are intense throughout the whole CD. Some of the interjections of blast beats are incomprehensibly fast.  

Antropofago definitely keep the listener guessing, well, as much as technical death metal bands are concerned. They do a good job of balancing the various different types of riffs they have at their disposal. The riffs are very sharp, but they do not sound as coldly calculated as, say, Necrophagist or The Faceless. Antropofago have a bit more crunch and the riffs sound like they are pretty fun to play.  While I enjoy both of these bands, I am enjoying the sound of the guitars on Aera Dementiae. The first real solos don’t show up until the last two songs, “Voices” 3:59, and “Insania Lupina” 4:28.  They are fine, but not too memorable.  I prefer the extreme interaction between all of the instruments, instead of just guitar solos.  
While Antropofago does not play my preferred type of metal, they have really impressed me with their musicianship and song writing. The album has a nice flow considering just how many transitions that make up each one of these songs. There are some intense rhythms going on here, and Antropofago pull them of expertly. (Bill Masino)

(10 Tracks, 36:00)




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