Bleak Bill’s Reviews: Doomed – Wrath Monolith (2015)

As soon as I saw that Johan Ericson was a guest vocalist on the latest Doomed album, I was immediately interested. It is odd that Johan Ericson plays doom metal and he likes playing in bands that with “doom” in the title… But his work in Draconian and Doom:VS is so impressive, I had to listen to the latest Doomed album Wrath Monolith. Also, the artwork is well composed with a nice contrast to the color scheme.

I am hearing a very structured and composed approach to death/doom. Much like Doom:VS, each note is coldly calculated as part of the composition as a whole. There aren’t many wild moments, or anything that strays off the grid. The songs are consistently heavy, plodding, and full of cool riffs. Doomed is very good at death/doom, and do not leave the genre at all. Most of the tracks waver on the line of death/doom and funeral doom. The riff structures are quite similar to Evoken, with a lot of space and crushingly calculated drums.

One thing that is present on most of the songs is the circus-like antics of the lead guitar and the keyboards. The leads seem to detract from the heaviness of the songs and leave a convoluted atmosphere. At times it feels like I am on some evil, dilapidated carousel at the county fair. This is not a good thing. I never want to feel like that, especially when I am listening to death/doom metal. The track “Looking Back” featuring Johan Ericson on vocals, starts off as the most melodic track on the album, and implements some nice clean vocals. But the carnival atmosphere still shows up and is nothing more than maybe fun to play on the guitar.

(6 Tracks, 50:40)

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