Bleak Bill’s Reviews: Eye Of Solitude/FAAL – Split EP (2015)

The split release by Eye of Solitude and FAAL is set to release on Kaotoxin Records and this is my first time hearing either band. Eye of Solitude is up first with their twelve minute epic “Obsequies”. This is some slow moving stuff, and I am shocked that I had never heard of them, because this is definitely a style of funeral doom I can get behind. They sound a lot like the melodic side of Esoteric during the 2000’s, with distorted and unintelligible lyrics and all. It is deep, thoughtful and majestic. I am blown away by the beauty and sorrow on this track. At least most Esoteric song drift into some chugging grooves, but this track by Eye of Solitude is unrelenting melancholy. The bleak atmosphere is similar to that of Dispersed Ashes, especially during the somber piano interlude.

FAAL is up next with their song “Shattered Hope”, which is an odd title because the band Shattered Hope has a similar sound to both of these bands on the split. FAAL has a little more energy in all of their instruments and they create a darker atmosphere leaning more towards death/doom instead of funeral doom. It is not quite a powerful wall of sound like Eye of Solitude; however, the guitars and drums really find some interesting grooves. After a slow build of melody, FAAL brings the chaos and some heavy drums but it seems to ends before you really feel it. This seems a bit odd for a fourteen minute song. That seems like plenty of time to get your point across.

Even though I may prefer Eye of Solitude’s sound, I am quite impressed with both of the bands on this release and I look forward to hearing more from them.

(2 Tracks, 25:15)


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