Bleak Bill’s Reviews: Godhunter Vs. Destroyer Of Light – Endstille Split EP (2015)

Godhunter and Destroyer of Light have combined all of their powers to release a split effort called Endsville. Each band released twenty minutes of new material and a cover song each.  

First up is Godhunter, who are a stoner/traditional doom band, with some hardcore brought in with the vocals. They really didn’t do much for me. The vocals are mostly annoying, and the guitar riffs sound like they just decided on the first riffs that they came up with while jamming.  If you are into that, then that’s fine.  It’s a pretty monotonous and straightforward approach to sludgy doom. I mean, maybe if they were from my hometown I would support them, because it would be a good time at the bar. But hearing it through my headphones is quite boring. “Dull Knives, Weak Handshakes” has some decent vocals that go along with a decent riff.  At least these guys know how to create a lethargic mood. However, Godhunter does have some pretty cool acoustic tracks which are much more interesting and create some mysterious atmospheres. But their cover of Nirvana’s “Something in the Way”, is by far their best heavy track.

Moving on, Destroyer of Light have a little bit more energy to their side of the split. But their vocalist sounds just like every other traditional doom band I’ve ever heard. Remember when Sleep played Sabbath inspired songs two decades after Sabbath, well Destroyer of Light is playing the same thing four decades later.  
Destroyer of Light are good at what they do, even if it is not anywhere close to original.

I am sure there doom enthusiasts who thoroughly eat this stuff up.  Sadly, neither band on Endsville did so much as make me nod my head to the beat. But my personal preference in doom does not allow for too much rehashing of old trends.  

(10 Tracks, 55:17)


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