Bleak Bill’s Reviews: Doomraiser – Reverse (Passagio Inverso) (2015)

Doomraiser plays DOOM metal! They manage to incorporate a lot of variations of doom throughout their latest release Reverse “Passagio Inverso” and they do it quite effortlessly as a result of their strong songwriting.  They take the time to build the different atmospheres, ranging from traditional doom, sludge, hard rock, and a lot of not so traditional doom. This is very refreshing to hear a band that obviously loves Saint Vitus and Black Sabbath, but don’t just repeat what those bands already did thirty years ago.  

All of the instruments come together nicely to create a very calculated, heavy and Sabbathian atmosphere. But where things really get interesting is when Doomraiser deviates and really chug out some heavy riffs, similar to the latest release from Monolord. Both Doomraiser and Monolord seem to be rejuvenating an extremely stagnate traditional doom genre.  Both bands compose some great grooves and their songwriting proves that they know how to get the most out of each riff.  

Another great thing I’m hearing from this band is the vocals.  Several different styles are on display and they never seem out of place.  On the second track alone, “Mirror of Pain” (7:30), the vocals range from James Hetfield influenced shouts, deep, gravely growls, and soaring clean vocals.  None of the styles seem out of place throughout the album, but the clean vocals seem to stand out.
The wizard performing a ritual on the cover may help in creating an evil atmosphere, but Doomraiser expertly set the scene for brooding sacrifices. Black Sabbath used to be all the traditional doom I needed because everything else just sounded like them, but bands like Pallbearer, Monolord and Doomraiser have shown me that it is still an evolving and interesting genre of doom.  

(7 Tracks, 60:41)


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