BLM: The Grift That Keeps on Grifting

“It is a double-edged makeshift to entrust an individual or a group of individuals with the authority to resort to violence. The enticement implied is too tempting for a human being. The men who are to protect the community against violent aggression easily turn into the most dangerous aggressors. They transgress their mandate. They misuse their power for the oppression of those whom they were expected to defend against oppression. The main political problem is how to prevent the police power from becoming tyrannical. This is the meaning of all the struggles for liberty.”

-Ludwig Von Mises, “The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science

The Derek Chavin trial is over, and he has been found guilty on all counts. While I do not think that Chauvin’s actions rise to the level of murder, I do think that a manslaughter charge was definitely in order. While his actions may not have been intended to kill George Floyd, and Floyd may have been hopped up on enough recreational pharmaceuticals to bring down Robert Downey, Jr., Liz Taylor, and Al Gore III combined, I certainly do not buy the idea that his actions did not help Floyd’s death along. The shenanigans from a litany of figures preceding and concurrent with the trial, however, guarantee that Chauvin has a good chance of having this decision overturned. Sitting congresscritters should not have been running around trying to stoke violence in Floyd’s name. That could, and frankly should, be seen as some sort of attempt to intimidate the jurors into voting guilty. If Chauvin ends up walking in the long run, there will be no one to blame but “auntie” Maxine Waters and the rest of the grifters and hustlers who could not keep their mendacious maws from flapping and spewing verbal feculence long enough for Chauvin to receive a constitutionally guaranteed fair trial. 

Never mind that nonsense though, for before everyone’s favourite drunk grandma Nancy Pelosi could finish her very strange beatification of Fentanyl Jesus, it was already time to move on to the next outrage. An innocent black teenager named Ma’khia Bryant was gunned down by a blood thirsty white police officer in Ohio. The grievance merchants wasted zero time in springing into action, ginning up the requisite outrage and racial animus. Ma’khia was a “very loving, peaceful little girl” who had a “motherly nature about her.” In addition, she was an honor student who promoted peace. What kind of vicious monster could snuff out the light of such a bright star? Unfortunately for the grievance crowd, the body camera footage portrays this ray of human sunshine in a much different light. Rather than the reincarnation of Mother Theresa, the video of the incident shows Bryant viciously attacking another teenager and, just before being shot, drawing a knife and commencing to attempt to stab the other girl. I am admittedly unfamiliar with what constitutes deadly force on Yuggoth, Planet X, or whatever other strange place from which we Americans import our media personalities, but on Earth a knife is a deadly weapon. Had Bryant not been shot, the other girl would very likely be dead right now. 

This is the problem with the Black Lives Matter grift, and it is why any serious advocate for reigning in police power needs to abandon the slogan, the hashtag, and the hive of con artists masquerading as a movement for police reform that wears both as a skin suit. From Michael Brown to George Floyd to Ma’khia Bryant, BLM pick the absolute worst people to turn into martyrs. Meanwhile, the movement is so married to racial grievance mongering, to white liberal guilt, and good old black nationalism that it totally ignores incidents like the killing of Daniel Shaver. Shaver was verbally abused and dehumanized by officers Philip Brailsford and Charles Langley of the Mesa Police Department until Brailsford shot Shaver five times whilst Shaver crawled on his hands and knees, crying (quite literally) for his life. The whole incident was captured on video for the world to see. The full video, however, was not allowed to be viewed until after Brailsford’s acquittal. Brailsford went on to a nice early retirement with a tidy pension, because the poor lamb got PTSD as a result of the event. Langley, for his part, never suffered any type of charges and retired out of the country. Where were Patrisse Cullors and Ben Crump to cry foul? Where were Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Ali Velshi, the gaggle of bourgeois Marxist nitwits over at The Young Turks, and the rest of usual suspects in the media to cry for outrage? Why was Shaver’s image and the video of his summary execution not shown on CNN, MSNBC, and The Young Turks every night? Where were the oh so principled “all cops are bastards” crowd to march in the streets calling for blood? The same question could be asked of the killing of Duncan Lemp. Lemp was gunned down by police during a no knock raid while he slept. Again, the usual suspects were silent. The only time Lemp was mentioned was to slander him as a white supremacist. I guess they were a little too melanin deficient to make for interesting television or “Breadtube” viewing, or to extract outrage bucks from gullible rubes who live to hop from one outrage to the next. 

The main reason that I bring this up is that during the great Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter internet sperg off, it was stated ad infinitum that “just because we say that black lives matter doesn’t mean that we don’t think the lives of innocent whites killed by police don’t matter.” The beaviour of the “movement,” and of its defenders, has proven time and again that that assertion was a load of nonsense. Really, one could question whether black lives really do matter to Black Lives Matter and its defenders. What about Ma’khia Bryant’s would be victim? Did her black life matter? Based on the reaction to the incident, it sure doesn’t seem like it did. What of Tamir Rice, who was killed in what could only be described as a police drive-by? He sure was forgotten in a hurry. I guess his life did not matter. Eric Garner, summary execution for the high crime of participating in the free market without the express written consent of the state of New York? He sure was forgotten quickly as well. I guess his life did not matter either.

If you give a damn about reforming policing, why ignore these people? Why choose to elevate the worst of the lot, the cases that are spurious to doubtful at best? The George Floyds, Michael Browns, and Daunte Wrights? Because it is not about reigning in the state and the over-criminalization of victimless behaviours. It is about enshrining the next generation of millionaire race hustlers. Jesse Jackson is old. He will be 80 this year. Al Sharpton is a man in his late 60s who looks and sounds like a much older man. Farrakhan is nearing 90. The market is about to be open, and the up and comers are jockeying to secure their positions. It is not about innocent lives taken by crooked police, and it is not about innocent black lives taken by the same. It is about making a mint off of naivete and white guilt atop a pile of black corpses. It doesn’t matter whose corpses, just that they are the freshest. 

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