Blood Mortized – The Demon, The Angel, The Disease (2013 NN Promo)

Blood Mortized - The Demon The Angel The Disease

“For fans of classic Swe-death, there’s nothing out there quite like Blood Mortized. In the vein of acts like Hypocrisy, Amon Amarth, Grave and Bloodbath, they prove that they’ve still got it with this new disc. “Bastard” opens the album with pure fury, while “In The Black Flames Of Desolation” focuses on a more cold and calculated approach, leaving “My Soul, Your Flesh” to vivaciously pound as the injection of a solo helps to decorate the piece in the most metal of ways. While those are just the first three songs, they help to explain the album quite well. It’s a no-frills death metal disc that seems to focus more on the furious drumming and Mattias Pakkila’s vocals this time around, as some of Anders Biazzi and Gustav Myrin’s guitar melodies seem to be pushed further to the back this time. They’re still quite audible, but when the vocals come as thick as they do in the mix, they can sometimes serve to drown out the riffs. However, with the vocals being as thick in the mix as they are, this approach actually seems to add more punch to overall record and makes it a disc that’s just as memorable as the first…”

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