Blood Of The Wolf – II: Campaign Of Extermination (2018)

Blood Of The Wolf

II: Campaign Of Extermination


While Blood Of The Wolf II might sound like an indie game or a horror film that you’ve never seen, here it appears to be a sort of Chicagoan black metal with death elements. Speaking of games, or anime in this case (because it’s both) I noticed that the skull character on the album’s front cover oddly looks like a very special support character in Berserk. I don’t know if this was intentional, but it makes for a good album cover regardless. Though that’s enough about the cover, let’s talk about the disc. From the very start, I’m getting a style that sounds similar to Behemoth, Hate, SepticFlesh and Morbid Angel, which is certainly not a bad thing. Drums rip through as cavernous bass riffs decorate a rather hefty death growl, though not quite as deep you may expect and a bit more audible. I’m most certainly reminded of Spiros Antoniou at his heaviest. Even though I can discern many of the lyrics here, the ultimate effect of the album, is that the disc pummels. Blood Of The Wolf are certainly comparable to the other acts I’ve named, which might even be regarded as influential (Morbid Angel, definitely) but death metal fans shouldn’t complain.

I will add that it is very difficult for me to call this black metal, and it may even file into the all-inclusive “war metal” category. “Benedetio Ultionis” actually has more than a passing resemblance to SepticFlesh, which I didn’t find to be a problem. Obviously, Blood Of The Wolf are combining elements from bands that they love in a way that justifies the influence and makes for a completely new take on them. “Erupting Volcano” seems to follow a more black metal approach, with the vocals changing to a slight rasp to fit that. Maybe I’m over analyzing this one a little bit more than necessary and not noticing the performance at face value, but I’ve heard so many discs that sound similar. Nevertheless, I will admit that this one kicks ass. This band should be a bit bigger than it is and would probably inject some well needed blood into the stale pool of mainstream metal acts that get reported on daily. There’s nothing deeper here to the performance, but if you’re looking to have your head ripped off in a very familiar style that I don’t think you’ll mind one single bit; you should definitely give these gentlemen a try.

I would have loved a bit more variation, but when you start saying things like that; we get xylophones and flute playing. So don’t ever change, gentlemen and keep it death/black/war metal or whatever. Don’t unleash any Elton John tribute moments and I’m sure you’ll go far. Interestingly, eastern-inspired instrumentation does appear at the very end of the album in closer “A Sermon Of Slaughtered Foes” which makes me consider the Berserk connection even more. The album truly does sound like it’s cover and if that’s enough for you, then I would certainly recommend picking it up at the link below.

(8 Tracks, 36:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)

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