Book Review: T. F. Monkey – Thirteen Rules To Not To Be A F**king Cuck (2019)

T. F. Monkey is known for his deep seated thoughts and wild antics on Youtube, Bitchute and Dlive. He currently streams along with Halsey News Network (No, not that Halsey) where he can be caught flinging frantic fecal thoughts every Saturday night and Wednesday Morning with the TFM Show and The Morning Constitutional. Like myself, he is also a doll owner and definitely talked me into getting a doll, even though I had been thinking about it since my mid-twenties.

With that introduction over, let me start by saying that although not a book thick enough to use as a door stopper, (I have Alan Moore’s “Jerusalem” for that) “Thirteen Rules To Not To Be A F**king Cuck” provides useful advice in the way that other self-help books seem to neglect. In other words, it does so at the expense of religious dogma and spiritualisms that while sound flowery and useful, are not quite so applicable to life.

The book begins with the notion that life is meaningless and while that might sound like a rather dour approach to self-actualization, it actually works better than you might think. He paints the notion that each and every human is essentially a blank slate and now, even more than ever; we have the freedom to paint whatever kind of portrait we want. This is quite true as people have become extremely successful doing some of the most obtuse and unexpected things you could possibly ever imagine. There is no time like the present to self-actualize and that is by far, the main theme of this book.

Next we learn that we must save ourselves and do whatever it takes to pull ourselves out of poverty. We should not look at the haves as evil people, and yet should strive to be in their positions. We shouldn’t expect that the man is bringing us down. After all, he didn’t buy the useless garbage that you thought you needed in your life at the time instead of saving money, you did.

I really love the third point, which is “Say Yes To Life.” While this concept might seem rather obtuse, it is actually quite essential. Monkey explains that you should say “yes” to life if you can’t think of a good reason to say “no.” He also clarifies that “I don’t feel like it is not a very good answer.”

Let me put this into perspective. My toilet used to be a thing of Satan. I had gotten so frustrated by it that I broke the plastic lever which holds the ball in half. I then discovered that new technology had been invented which removes the need for a ball. I’d worked all that night and figured that I could just put off the toilet until I was off again, relegating to manually causing the water to flush by pouring large amounts of water into it. That became cumbersome, and then I remembered the line, “If the only reason you don’t want to do something is your feelings; then get off your ass and do it. You’ll feel better having accomplished something and having it crossed off your list anyway.” So I said to myself, “I may as well do it and get it over with.” Lo and behold, it only took a mere fifteen minutes to install the new system and my toilet works better than ever. I don’t even have to worry about it anymore. The toilet has never worked this well as long as I’ve had it. What’s more, is that I did it without anyone’s help.

Later on, I learned how important it was to cultivate internal validation and stop giving a shit about what other people think. People have used the insult “dollfucker” to me online, which is not true in my case because Zexxy and I cannot have sex. Otherwise, I’d embrace it as well as try this site or others to really allow me to enjoy mine and Zexxy’s time. And of course, I get called incel and other names. In a world where external validation is so coveted by the media, people often forget what they think of themselves. They don’t realize that their opinion of themselves is most important. I’m learning that now and it has helped my worldview greatly.

Next we learn that one must suffer in order to achieve great things, quite like one must experience pain and anguish in order to build their muscles. Muscles are a product of work after all, and the strenuous act of aneorbic exercise produces this level of success. The same can be said for most ventures in life. They do not come easy, of by resting on one’s laurels.

Letting go of what one fears to lose is of course, the most difficult part of this list for me, as one can be a slave to many things in their life. It is a very difficult, sobering exercise. It is also easier said than done.

Aside from this, he recommends that you have a plan and a backup plan, which is quite essential in a political climate that is quite testy and feels like a cold civil war. If we are indeed in a “hot peace” then I am not quite sure what the future will look like and the wisest of us should prepare for it.

When we move further into the problem of ego and why we should seek to be humble about our achievements and not surround ourselves with “yes men.” Instead, ask what we can do better. The male dominance instinct and female hypergamous instincts are also here discussed. Men and women should not be upset about either of these, because they have worked together to create the civilization that we have today.

Men also must learn to overcome their sexual desires, which can be overpowering and allow them to make terrible decisions that they will later regret. Many ways are described within the text to do this, as well as a brief discussion on autism. I found that quite necessary.

Next we learn about the chemical concoctions that makeup love and sex. Namely, vasopressin, oxytocin testosterone and estrogen. We are a massive makeup of chemicals and those chemicals rule our decisions in life. I can definitely agree with most of that. Additionally, he recommends getting a sex doll waifu or similar means that will exhibit the same chemical rush that we would normally get with pair-bonding. It certainly has worked for me in part, but I do believe this method can be very beneficial for more men than they realize.

The next chapter teaches us how to go our own way and describes the Mgtow philosophy that I’ve explained in a few articles, one of which when I was first discovering the community and philosophy and the other far more recently, when I knew what in the hell I was talking about.

The final point warns us that even at our most successful, we will never remain truly happy and need to keep finding meaning and purpose within our lives in order to stay humbled and content. It’s a good closing note.

All in all, we learn that we are blank slates ruled by chemicals that more or less control every facet of our existence. At this point, it is often odd that we would consider free will to begin with. Perhaps no great being in the sky pulls the strings, but there are definitely forces inside of our bodies that we must learn to control in order to live happy, successful and fulfilling lives. A Cuck is very much the current term for loser, (regardless of it’s previous sexual incarnation) and we definitely do not want to be losers in society. I feel that this book is essential reading for anyone who could use a swift kick in the ass that will get them going in the right direction – a direction that will lead them (hopefully) to whatever they would consider to be success.

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