Bookakee – Ignominies (2018)



Transcending Records

A band that I feel has a moniker that might unintentionally hold them back, these guys have only shown greater skill with their sophomore debut. Not only have they transcended the slam of their earlier effort, but they’ve added in a slew of more progressive elements as well. There are even a few sections of spoken word vocal here and there, as well as some great melody sections and solo bouts mixed in with the brackish nature of such a thunderous act. You don’t really expect that from a band by the name of Bookakee, which will make you think of some kind of goregrind or pornogrind, which is absolutely not what these guys do. Though the disc still contains a metric ton of brutality, it laso features some bits of piano, electronic portions and even a tribute to Super Mario World (by the way guys, your stage victory music is missing one note and it’s irked me for a while – also there’s no Bowser battle music and I feel you could’ve crushed that. Maybe you’ll play it during the live shows?) which isn’t a common medley cover for most VG Metal artists. So it was nice to hear that. Just in case you didn’t know, these guys also did a few Donkey Kong Country covers in a medley for their last album, which is definitely worth hearing. There’s no King K. Rool battle music there though, but I’m fine with that because the GaMetal cover is pretty good and scratches that itch nicely. Aside from all this gamer stuff (but can you blame me? This review was written right after E3 so I can think about nothing but Mega Man 11) fans of brutal death metal who also appreciate technicality (though not in overabundance, thankfully) as well as necessary experimentation that can take a band’s style into new and unexplored areas (kinda like Metroid) should find what they’re looking for here.

I and a reviewer for Metal Injection had gotten into a sort of disagreement about this one, as he considered it “not all that great” even though I thought it was quite fantastic. So if he (who shalt not be named) decides to give the band a mediocre score, Bookakee can take pride in knowing that I not only loved the album, but that because my MP3 device somehow ended up on shuffle, I ended up listening to the disc about three or four times in one sitting and did not tire of it even after that. This is definitely how metal should be made in the modern era and I applaud these guys for leaving their comfort zone. Check it out at the link below, as you shall not regret this awesomeness.

(13 Tracks, 50:00)


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