Boris – Love & Evol (2019)

There’s a Boris album that I’m supposed to review as well and it’s their first in several years, titled Love & Evol. There’s just one small problem I have with this album, being the nearly devoted fan of Boris that I have been for the past decade or so – I actually can’t get into it. Trust me folks, I’ve tried.

I know that Boris are a a highly experimental band and I’ve championed that. Though I feel that so much of the drone influence was utilized here that I completely lost sight of the whole concept. “Away From You” is a real standout song, but after that I find that “Coma” made me feel like I was in one (though I am not sure if that was the intended effect) while “Evol” had it’s moments. It’s beginning tribalisms were very intriguing and it morphed into something altogether different. “Uzume” sounds like it came from The Thing That Solomon Overlooked and that’s fine, but Boris’s drone years were never my personal favorite. “Love” lost me completely, no matter how much I want to get into it. It sounds like a very twisted, trippy kind of thing and feels uneasy. Again, maybe that was the goal, but I feel like this might work in another context, like illustrating a piece of media. “In The Pain(t)” feels a bit dreamlike, while closer “Shadow Of Skull” comes off as a monolithic mixture of doom and drone. It feels like it could also fit in with The Thing That Solomon Overlooked so fans of that material will actually find something to enjoy here. If you didn’t like the Solomon stuff all that much like myself, Love & Evol probably won’t appeal to you as much as Pink or Heavy Rocks would, but I know for sure that there are a lot of people who wanted Boris to go back to this kind of sound and I think it’s great that they’ve decided to give them what they want.

As for me, I’ll simply wait for their next outing. After all, Boris have given me more than enough great music as it is and I feel it would be ill mannered to make a complaint over one recording.

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