Broken Down – Drop Dead Entertainment (2018)

Drop Dead Entertainer is the first full-length album from Broken Dawn, who previously gave me an EP for review a fe years back. This record is unfortunately a bit daunting, and has arguably enough material for two releases. What’s more, is that the eighteen tracks here are all quite lengthy and not even close to the kind of grind that you might expect for a record with eighteen tracks. The best of this record could have definitely been captured with just nine pieces, leaving the rest for future releases. Musically, it sounds far more refined than the previous effort as a mixture of metal, electronic dance and other elements like blues (Room 42) will find their way into the mix. I’m somewhat reminded of Fear Factory and Solefald, especially in the clean vocal department. It feels like the clean vocals are just one octave off from being memorable, with some hits and some definite off-key moments that made me shiver just a bit. The harsh vocals on the other hand are great, and work very well in the mix. My only real problem here would be some of the cleans, as I think that either a vocal coach needs to be hired or perhaps another clean singer entirely. As I said, I’m definitely getting that Solefald feel in the clean vocals, but it’s not quite there yet – I’m not hearing the kind of ear candy that I remember from albums like, In Harmonia Universali. That being noted, the effort is definitely there and I can discern that in this slightly stripped down effort. I think that the main issue here would be in the amount of tracks offered and a more strict process could have been utilized in leaving some of the less prominent tracks on the cutting room floor. A simple thirty-five to forty minute release would have been fine, just to denote the obvious progress that Brown Down have made from the EP release.

I would definitely consider Broken Down an act worth keeping my eye on however, as there is definitely promise to be had within what I feel is a slightly incomplete structure that is merely missing one piece that would equal out to greatness. The project’s mastermind worked extremely hard on this one, which is an understatement and perhaps might want to relax a little more with the next outing. 

(18 Tracks, 65:00)




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