Bullet For My Valentine – Gravity (2018)

Bullet For My Valentine


Spinefarm Records

If you can’t already tell by the obvious, non-threatening imagery on the cover, these already common-place alt-metallers have gone even more alternative with this self-described “contemporary” record. Now, this is usually the step that several underground metal acts took in order to become more famous in the mainstream, most notably – insert band name here when I remember it – who managed to become overnight millionaires with this strategy. Not that Bullet For My Valentine really needed the money, as I’m sure these guys are doing just fine for the rock stars that they are, by most standards.

Unfortunately, the record to me seems a bit whiny and even fans are commenting on the similarity to Linkin Park that they’re hearing this time around. Not that there aren’t any heavy tracks to be found, but the one heavy node in particular “Don’t Need You Anymore” is just that – one heavy node. Stripping all of the heavy guitars and harsh vocals, it is very easy for me to tell you that you’re listening to a boy band. I’m not just saying that either, as I grew up in the nineties and was in fact an avid watcher of TRL on MTV. So yes, I’m quite familiar with The Backstreet Boys, Nsync, 98 Degrees and that gamut. I also know more of their lyrics than necessary and Max Martin’s lyrics will stay forever implanted in my cranium, unfortunately. The record is actually an electronic-psuedo metal affair that feels more like a slightly heavier version of modern Fallout Boy. Do you like Fallout Boy? Then you’ll like Bullet For My Valentine this time around too.

Remember Scream, Aim, Fire? Well, those days are long over. It seems that the frontman was going through a lot of relationship issues and that this record was therapy in dealing with a toxic person than it was anything else. But if that’s not enough reason for you to avoid it, it also includes “The Millennial Whoah” which I first learned about from YouTuber Thoughty2. The song “Not Dead Yet” is filled with the “whoah” to the point of insanity. As we move further in, I have to mention that “The Very Last Time” nearly throws this shit into the “girlfriend metal” category.

Honestly folks, once was enough for Gravity and I’d actually rather listen to modern Fallout Boy or Imagine Dragons than this. Can you believe that “Piece of Me” also features “The Millenial Whoah” as well? I’m sure that I can find this paint by numbers pop approach in several other areas of the album, but I just can’t do this crap again. Please avoid this album and listen to the artists that inspired it instead. You know, I hear there’s a new The Black Queen album coming out and that’s about as far into the sappy stuff as I’m going right now. Of course, I hope that disc is extra sappy and extra passionate. This one however, is just not my thing. Bullet For My Valentine jumped the Megalodon this time around, to hell with the shark. If you’d like to hear this train wreck for yourself, then please check out the link below.

(11 Tracks, 43:00)


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