Cambion – Unfold Chaos Supreme (2015)

Cambion play a speedy style of death metal that was influenced by early Slayer and death stalwarts like Krisiun, Abhorrence, Ophiolatry and apparently Hate Eternal even though I can’t hear that last one anywhere on the disc. But that’s a good thing, because these guys wipe the floor with Hate Eternal. They sound like a real honest death/thrash that literally mixes the two into a pot and produces greatness. There are flying solos all over the place, as horrendous scowls erupt outward from the fiery bass lines and pulse-pounding riff-matter that comprises the leads. Cambion are the kind of act that don’t fuck around and certainly won’t with this beast, which sounds as menacing as it does enticing… in fact, it’s so enticing that you’ll hear a woman scream in orgasm right in the middle of it for no apparent reason. Or maybe that was a neighbor of mine. What in the fuck are they doing over there? In any case, you’re definitely going to love this one and it beats the hell out of Repentless, I assure you. It definitely beats the hell out of anything Hate Eternal have ever put out, and may put even Krisiun to shame. But maybe that’s because I like the vocals a bit more. I love a good growl, but please never underestimate the power of a strong scowled vocal. Gravel’s nice, but I like tearing my throat to shreds in the same way I’m hearing here. Though I’ll add that his vocal touch is a bit deeper than mine in that instance. It sounds a little more demonic and less swamp monster. The EP only runs for fifteen minutes, but that’s more than enough to tell you that I definitely recommend this ten-thousand mile per-hour demon of death, which has all the piss and vinegar that most bands just plain lack nowadays.

(5 Tracks, 15:00)


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