Cannabis Corpse / Ghoul – Splatterhash

Cannabis Corpse - Ghoul - Splatterhash

Only one minute longer than the last split, this short disc is another quick shot of adrenaline that you can implement during your lunch break. The pounding of “Inhalation Plague 2:41” begins the album, with Cannabis Corpse showing why they’re not just a joke band. Though I could do without the frantic scream at the end. The next track is “Splatter Their Bongs 3:06” which has a great deal of structure, surprisingly. Cannibis Corpse now sound like a more progressive and technical version of Cannibal Corpse, but I remember when they first begin and were literally parodying Cannibal Corpse songs. I hate to say it, but I like those days better. Ghoul is next on the split, and they don’t disappoint as expected. The black metal vocal on “Inner Sanctum 5:05” crawls around the track as the thrash and punk grooves help Ghoul to do what they do best. But it’s in their song structures that Ghoul shine and I’m pretty sure that with all the fucking experimenting on this one, the new Ghoul is going to be one of the best albums of the year. Yes, this song is really that fucking good. Gwar have definite competition now. But tell me? When will Gwar take on Ghoul? Come on, that’s like the battle of the century. Someone needs to give Brockie a call and whoever in the hell these guys are and have them get together for the best album that these two bands can make. Oh fuck, I love the end riff melody on this – sounds like something out of Opeth, but it fucking works. Please tell me there will be more interesting shit like this on the rest of the forthcoming Ghoul album!

Sorry, I freaked out for a bit. There’s another song on here called “Spill Your Guts 1:43” and that one ends the disc. This song also shows signs of greatness and what looks to be the best Ghoul album ever. I am highly anticipating this one. Folks, I’m telling you. The Cannibis Corpse performance is alright, but you just can’t get over what Ghoul did on this record. I hope to living fuck that this isn’t the best song from the forthcoming record. Please tell me that they have more to offer me than this. And no, that’s not a bad thing – I just want to know if they’ve got more greatness, or is “Inner Sanctum” going to be it. When you first hear the song it sounds pretty basic, but as it goes on, it begins to show why it’s much longer than a normal Ghoul track. These guys are actually putting their heads together and discovering exactly what four guys with bags of flour over their heads must do to stay current in this rapidly changing metal scene. And they’ve done it here. I didn’t expect anything like this to be honest. So you’ll need to go pick this up “just for one track” but yes, you need to hear that “I can go to youtube and stream it” one track.

But another thing I want to mention about this album, and I rarely ever talk about things like this – is the cool cover art. Yeah, a lame excuse as any to buy a split EP, but I really think this is one of the coolest covers that I’ve ever seen for a split. You’ve got both bands on the front of it in comic book form and killer weed plants. Yes, like killer tomatoes. Somewhere I’m hoping that some guy will grab this album one day, and he just so happens to write, produce and or direct horror films. Because I want to see these things given life. You can look at the artwork and tell where they’ve literally adapted the sharp toothed killer tomatoes to the weed plants on the cover. You can not literally tell me that here in America, where weed has just been legalized in two states with more to come; that people would not go to see a film about killer weed plants. Even if it was On Demand or direct to Netflix, people would pay to see something like this. I would definitely want to watch a film about killer weed plants. And it’s something that I know a few friends of mine would watch again and again and again. Someone needs to crowdfund it. They’re crowdfunding everything else these days…

(4Tracks, 12:00)



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