Canyon Of The Skull – Self Titled (2015)

Canyon Of The Skull are an instrumental doom group musically similar to Conan, but unlike Conan, I can actually get into them. At least a bit, anyway. Other than the fiery doom thumps, there is some pretty potent drumming utilized which really seems to be the only real sticking point. Clearly the man behind the kit knows what he’s doing and you can hear that when he takes time out of plodding to give the drums a bit of a workout, which they’d soon need or I’d have to imbue caffeine in order to stay awake during this thunderous, yet slogging listen. As there are no vocals, it’s very hard to get any real sense of worth out of the project. In essence, there’s nothing here that really separates Canyon Of The Skull from other doom acts and that’s putting it in a far more reserved sense than most journalists will. I’m quite sure there’s a few who threw restraint to the wind and flat out called these guys “boring” but I won’t exactly go that far. People who are looking for more of a doom atmosphere, rather than regular old doom metal will find something here, especially on the band’s namesake track (18:35) which is literally all about atmosphere. It offers more quiet than “The Path” (17:51) and stands out far better. Canyon Of The Skull is most definitely one of those bands that come off better live, and it’s during a live show that you’ll be able to feel the music a far bit stronger than here. They remind me a bit of Subrosa without the violins and female vocalist, and it seems that they might need a little more than this to really get noticed. If you like plodding atmospheric doom though, pick it up.

(2 Tracks, 36:00)


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