Catastrophic Cover Commentary #2

Six more covers for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Hannes Grossman - The Radial Covenant

Hannes Grossman – The Radial Covenant (2014)

A barnacle encrusted behemoth finds its way out of a large hexagon, which in a way does much to explain this awesome album. The first commenter said that it was refreshing to see art this good on an album cover, and that the monster reminded him of one of the enemies from the indie game Aquaria. He added that there are definitely water inspired elements on the cover, which I would certainly agree with. Whatever this thing is, it was certainly inspired by the Lovecraftian worlds that birthed monstrous and terrifying fiends like Dagon and Cthulhu.

Whitby Bay - Single

Whitby Bay – Single (2014)

A clay representation of a mustachioed royal with a goblet in his hand and a guitar strapped to his side seems to decorate the single from these English black metallers. It’s definitely unlike anything I’ve ever seen and certainly works while providing a slight bit of British humor. The first commenter said that it reminded him of the ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation) stop motion holiday films, like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty The Snowman. The other commenter said that the figure looked like he was fresh from larping and that the attire would detract women and their vaginas. Of course, I’ve seen some rather odd women and from this observation I don’t think that this statement is completely true.

Throbbing Gristle - 20 Jazz Funk Greats

Throbbing Gristle – 20 Jazz Funk Greats

The cover of this cult record from these industrial maniacs looks like it’s about as humble as the front cover of the Country Church vinyl. They really do remind me of the Partridge Family or something of that ilk, even though I’m sure that the listener will be quite shocked to find that the image portrayed varies heavily from the actual album. The first commenter said that it was a really effective album cover and added that he thought it was too sinister. Perhaps too wholesome? At any rate, he added that the area where the band took the cover shot was apparently also synonymous with a mass suicide. How lovely. The second commenter agreed that it was quite a wholesome cover, reminding him of The Brady Bunch.

Disbelief - 66Sick

Disbelief – 66Sick

This cover leaves me with a very odd feeling. It looks like an abortion occurring through a wormhole, the baby’s sewn mouth being shown on the first blade, just so we know that the act of removing a fetus has occurred. It could also have been the fact that someone left the doors open on an interstellar vessel, causing kitchenware and the ship’s nursery to fly out into the time warping spatial distortion. The first commenter said that not even the baby was amused with the cover, while the second commenter said that it had an edgy name, with just as edgy of a cover. (Get it? The knives have sharp edges.)

Exmortus - Slave To The Sword

Exmortus – Slave To The Sword (2014)

This cover looks something from out of the mind of Frank Frazetta and there’s no doubt that the work of Robert E. Howard may have had some portion of the inspiration that went into it. Muscular barbarians wielding swords run across the cover, one with a spot of blood dripping out from the steel. It almost seems as if the cover was taken in the middle of a battle. The first commenter said that it reminded him of a Cirith Ungol cover, while the other said that it reminded him of Diablo.

Manilla Road - Mystification

Manilla Road – Mystification

This cover elicits Poe to me for some reason. I’m not sure why exactly; but I just get the feeling of Poe inspired artwork used for The Raven or The Pit And The Pendulum. It could very well have served as a cover for a collection of his works. The first commenter had nothing to say, while the other reminded him of (and I had to do some research on this before I knew what in the hell he was talking about) Gravelord Nito from Dark Souls. He said that it looked like the cover for Lord Nito Teaches Typing. An obvious reference to the educational Mario games. I rather enjoyed Mario Is Missing! to be honest.

More to come next week!

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