Chaos Invocation – “Black Mirror Hours”

Chaos Invocation - Black Mirror Hours

And here we are into the wonderful world of black metal, this time with a melodic take on the genre in the form of the dark and dirty Chaos Invocation. This album sees the band becoming more experimental and ritualistic, much like we’d expect with other black metal bands these days. The subject matter is of course ritualistic Satanism, and the music comes with plenty of blasts beats, familiar tremolo riffs and scowls that could peel the paint from the walls of a church sanctuary. Though melodic, it is definitely not in anyway cheery, instead proving itself to be the very definition of the genre. The song lengths on the album vary, from the short blast sessions of “The Mirror 3:45″ all of the way to the powerful atmospheres of “Walking In His City 9:29,″ which does include clean vocal bursts. The band try their best to craft an album that is not so much in the vein of familiar territory in so far as the almost sporadic vocal approach is considered, yet exciting experiments like “Faces On My Spiritual Plane 5:13″ keep things from straying too far from the norm. Black Mirror Hours is the kind of black metal album that requires more time and study than I can personally give to it, which means that it’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you liked the heavier material from the last Dodsengel record… but I can’t help the feeling that I’m being reminded of early Rotting Christ on this record also.

(11 Tracks, 67:00)



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