Children Of Seraph – EP (2015)

Children Of Seraph are a (Holy shit, they’re trademarked already!) power metal act from the far away land of… Tacoma, Washington. In any case, the four tracks on the short, but sweet EP release are more than enough to warrant the band’s name being trademarked as such. (Or at least, I think.) There’s five of these dudes, and it would not be too off-collar to call them young dudes, as that’s just what they are. Fantastic, nothing like getting your hands dirty in the grit of the metal scene while you’re still young and full of vigor. The record proves it too. If nothing else, this little project of guitarist Nathanyel Nieves shows that he can really play. It definitely sound’s like a guitarist’s record, but that’s when vocalist Yamill Collazo jumps in to deliver some truly memorable lines… and it’s this early in the game too. I’m quite impressed. You can ultimately tell that Nobuo Uematsu’s hard-hitting Final Fantasy themes are an influence here and the band definitely seem to have taken this influence and ran with it. You can still tell that it’s a young band, but I have faith that if they keep it up, great things will happen. There’s even some light keyboards from Gabe Valdez which do help to bring about a certain level of atmosphere. The band certainly have an image and know what they want to sound like, so let’s hope they’ll continue to bring more to the table in the future. This EP is certainly brilliant, and it’s not the kind of thing you’d expect to hear from musicians who literally just broke into the scene. Seattle is known for the greats of grunge, but it seems like these guys might just be able to put it back on the map with what I consider an impressive display of musicianship and guitar wizardry. Don’t let us down, gentlemen. The gods of metal are watching you…

(4 Tracks, 18:00)


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