Release: June 21, 2019

Director: Lars Klevberg

Screenplay: Tyler Burton Smith

Starring: Aubrey Plaza as Karen Barclay, Gabriel Bateman as Andy Barclay, Brian Tyree Henry as Mike Norris, Beatrice Kitsos as Falyn, Ty Consiglio as Pugg, and Mark Hamill as Chucky

Running Time: 90 minutes

Spoiler Alert


Single mother Karen Barclay procures a defective Buddi doll, a sort of digital assistant in the body of a grotesque mechanical toddler, for her son Andy. At first, Andy and his friends have fun with Chucky, teaching him to swear and to get up to general nonthreatening mischief. Unfortunately, things take a turn toward the dark when Chucky observes Andy and his friends watching and laughing at slasher classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It is here that Chucky arrives at the conclusion that not only is murder okay to assure the safety of your best buddy, but it’s also downright hilarious. From here, Chucky becomes increasingly unhinged, culminating in an attempted mass murder in a sort of K-Mart stand in.

“Woke Horror” passes its sell by date in this remake of the 1988 slasher classic Child’s Play. Where the 1988 original was a satire of the killer doll trope that embraced the absurdity of its premise with tongue planted firmly in cheek, if not with an outright wink and a nod, this one expects, nay, demands to be taken seriously. Child’s Play takes its silly premise and weights it down under a yoke composed of myriad modern think piece nonsense. Between kills, it plods and meanders along, a dull, trite, miserable slog of a film, and all in only 90 minutes. Leave this doll on the shelf.

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