Circle Creek – Past Presents Future (2018)

 I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this EP release from Austrian heavy rockers Circle Creek, but I’m glad to say that I was pleased with it. Past Presents Future isn’t a very long stoner rock/metal disc, but it gets it’s point across. “Creatures”is a standard-fare stoner cut with a decent chorus, while “Killing Factories” seems a bit muddy. I really love the opening chugs on “D.R.U.G.S.” but that’s the only part I loved about it. The anger version of “Going Nowhere” really hit with me though, as it’s slightly more accessible and has an extremely memorable earworm. “Owner Of A Million Souls” is decent enough, with a rather potent solo to boot. “Fading Away” truly hits hard though, making me feel that there is some serious potential here. The solo effort is also further pronounced, reminding me a little bit of Godsmack‘s better solos. There’s one more cut here to round it out and that would be “Going Nowhere” with Adi Bitran. I will say that I prefer the new version of “Going Nowhere” a bit more to the one with Bitran, however. They brought her in right at the last minute, which kind of feels like an after thought. It’s more than likely that they’ll use this version on their upcoming release The World Is On Fire. They’re also about to re-release their first disc, 2013’s Anger. So if you’re in the mood for German stoner rock with real balls, then you’re going to find something here.

(7 Tracks, 35:00)




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