Clerks (1994)

R, 92 mins
Directed by Kevin Smith

I would have liked this film better if it was in color. Why sleep on your bed when you have a closet? If you plan to shoplift at the store please let Dante know. Let the damn guys buy a pack of smokes if they want one. Jay and Silent Bob makes their grand appearance. Dante doesn’t think people will run off with the money on the counter or even pay for items? She sucked 36 dicks (37 including Dante) and she doesn’t want to be called a whore? Dante had the right to kick the whore out and tell her not to suck any dicks along the way.

Woman at the movie rental is annoying. Seriously, who cares if someone else likes a movie or not? Everyone else has worse taste than you. People may find the guy with the eggs and the woman with the milk strange but we all do it. I had read years ago about some law that pickles must bounce and remain intact. Well when I shop I certainly don’t want to be caught with illegal pickles… and I always leave the store empty-handed because the jars never remain intact when bounced. Anyway, do they only have two workers on payroll at this store? If anyone wants to know they have the white kind of toilet paper (because the white kind is the superior brand). Who tries to suck his own dick? Caitlin sucks a dead guy’s dick. Hold up, Bob talks?



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